It's All About the 'Good Times' With These Cassadee Pope Instagram Captions

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"Our own kind of love."

Cassadee Pope Lyrics to Use as Instagram Captions

Cassadee Pope's lyrics are equal parts sweet and catchy, and so much more.

Her empowering and inspiring words make some of the best Instagram captions around. So before you post a pic on Insta, scroll through the list below to find the best Cassadee Pope lyric to use as your caption!

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•"Our own kind of love." -"Original Love"

•"I know it's worth it, baby, even if it's just secondhand, secondhand love." -"Secondhand"

•"There's something about how you look at me, I can tell that you're for real." -"I Guess We're Cool"

•"I was always better than you made me out to be." -"Told You So"

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•"It's time to sing about the good times." -"Good Times"

•"You're my champagne." -"Champagne"

•"Finally I'm through wasting all these tears on you." -"Wasting All These Tears"

•"Maybe you just might know what it feels like to be me." -"I Wish I Could Break Your Heart"

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•"Just another night with a buncha outsiders." -"Everybody Sings"

•"I see a mess in the mirror, but you see the girl of your dreams." -"You Hear a Song"

•"I know I'm home no matter where you are." -"This Car"

•"I'm one song away from breaking down and calling you up." -"One Song Away"

•"I lost myself tonight." -"Easier to Lie"

•"So I grew up fast in a whole new world." -"11"

•"I'm taking my heart back 'cause I've had enough." -"Proved You Wrong"

•"I'll tell you right now, I never felt like this." -"Edge of a Thunderstorm"

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•"It doesn't have to be only on a movie screen." -"Cinematic"

•"My heart on fire in his hands." -"Summer"

•"You were music, I was listening." -"Piano"

•"Something about them gets me every time." -"Kisses at Airports"

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•"How do you label a freak like me?" -"Alien"

•"I'm a diamond cut to last." -"I Am Invincible"

•"Another promise that you broke." -"My Best Friend Hates You"

•"Are you tryna be someone for someone?" -"Take You Home"

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