15 Cancer Zodiac Sign Quotes to Celebrate the Season

Artist Valfré's drawing of a Cancer
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Time to get emotional!

Celebrate Cancer Season With These Quotes About the Zodiac Sign

The end of June is near, which means one thing—Cancer season is here.

It's time for the crab to enjoy its time in the zodiac spotlight for a bit, which means things will get pretty emotional for the rest of us. Are you ready to be all in your feelings from now until Leo season? We hope so.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves though, we're here to celebrate Cancer. We've rounded up some quotes only a Cancer will find relatable, but will teach the rest of us a little bit more about this zodiac sign. Check 'em out below!

Best Cancer Zodiac Sign Quotes

  • "Cancers may seem all innocent, but piss them off and watch the devil come out of them." *-Unknown *

  • "Cancer keeps their heels, head, and standards high, but middle fingers even higher." -Unknown

  • "Cancerians are all mothers at heart, even the men." -Linda Goodman

  • "Cancer can be passive sometimes, but when they have a problem with you, they will not act like they don't." -Unknown

  • "Cancers have a fascination with moonlight and water, a romantic swim under the stars will go a long way toward winning their heart." -Unknown

Cute Cancer Zodiac Sign Quotes

  • "Although they will listen to other people's problems and help them, a Cancer rarely expresses their own deep feelings to anyone." -Unknown

  • "Cancer: the underestimated one." -Unknown

  • "A Cancer's bed is their sanctuary." -Unknown

  • "Subtlety is one of the chief qualities of Cancer." -Liz Green

  • "Cancers are good-hearted. They have good heads on their shoulders. Don't take advantage of that." -Unknown

Sweet Cancer Zodiac Sign Quotes

  • "Who's that beautiful, sassy, yet reserved girl? Oh yeah, she's a Cancer." -Unknown

  • "Cancer is a sort of mental archaeologist, always digging for more fascinating facts." -Linda Goodman

  • "Cancer: Just like the moon, you shine in times of darkness." -C.W.

  • "Cancer knows all about conservation. Waste not, want not." -Liz Green

  • "What goes on in a Cancer head is very different from what they let you to the world." -Unknown

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