15 Best Bubble Tea Captions for Instagram

Two glass cups full of bubble tea
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"It's always time for bubble tea."

Best Bubble Tea Instagram Captions

Are you obsessed with bubble tea?

Do you sip on the sweet beverage whenever you get the chance? Is your day instantly made better when you have one in your hand?

Share your love of the drink with your Instagram followers. The next time you grab yourself a bubble tea, be sure to snap a pic. Then scroll through our list of bubble tea captions to find the best one for your snapshot!

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Captions With Bubble Tea

•"There's always time for bubble tea." -Unknown

•"Suck my balls." -Unknown

•"Keep calm and drink bubble tea." -Unknown

•"A boba a day keeps reality away." -Unknown

•"Don't forget to drink your bubble tea." -Unknown

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Bubble Tea Captions

•"Love at first sip." -Unknown

•"I love you like I love bubble tea." -Unknown

•"But first, bubble tea." -Unknown

•"Leave me be, I'm drinking my bubble tea." -Unknown

•"Boba queen." -Unknown

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Witty Instagram Captions for Boba Tea

•"Life is the bubbles." -The Little Mermaid

•"Ah, the joys of bubble tea." -Unknown

•"You're the balls to my boba." -Unknown

•"Feeling bubbly." -Unknown

•"Bubble tea, yes. You, maybe." -Unknown

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