15 'Booksmart' Movie Quotes You Have to Read to Believe

Amy and Molly getting ready to leave for a party in Booksmart
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Booksmarter, not harder.

These Booksmart Quotes Won't Make You Smarter, but They Will Make You Laugh

Booksmart is our favorite movie of 2019 so far. There, we said it.

Sorry Avengers: Endgame, Detective Pikachu, and the live-action remake of Aladdin, but this teen comedy is where it's at.

It's got heart, it's got soul, it's got ridiculous scenarios no high school student will ever get themselves in, and so much more. We love it so much, we've seen it more times than necessary.

Anyway, if you haven't seen the film already or want to relive its brilliance without having to see it 45 more times, these quotes from the film will legitimately make you pee from laughing. Enjoy!

Best Booksmart Movie Quotes

  • "Nobody knows that we are fun. We didn't party because we wanted to focus on school and get into good colleges." -Molly

  • "Name one person whose life was so much better because they broke a couple of rules." -Amy

  • "We did it. We got you through high school. Can't we just graduate and head off to college? You know, celebrate this wonderful achievement? Let's focus on getting through the rest of the day without anything horrible happening." -Principal Brown

  • "It's fun your mom thinks we're boning." -Molly

  • "There's nothing more exciting and daunting than the blank page. Oh, that's good. Maybe I'll do a book of quotes." -Principal Brown

Funny Booksmart Movie Quotes

  • "I have a secret for you. I once tried to masturbate with an electric toothbrush, but I got a horrible UTI." -Molly

  • "I wish that would have been a secret, but you've mentioned it many, many times." -Amy

  • "We are going to show each other how much we care about each other." -Molly

  • "I'm not knocking it, I'm just saying it isn't a thing." -Amy

  • "If you were actually a criminal, you'd be the best criminal in Los Angeles." -Amy

Hilarious Booksmart Movie Quotes

  • "Mark thy calendars and make thy plans to attend the drama department's summer program, Shakespeare in the Park... ing lot." -Alan

  • "Good morning, winner. Take a deep breath. Visualize the mountain of your success and look down at everyone who's ever doubted you. Fuck those losers. Fuck them in their stupid fucking faces." -Self-help tape

  • "You can make yourself cum using only your mind? That's like the one thing my mind can't do." -Molly

  • "Shotgun! Just kidding. I don't have one." -Amy

  • "I'm incredible at hand-jobs, but I also got a fifteen-sixty on the SATs." -Triple A

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