30 Hilarious Bob the Drag Queen Quotes You Need to Read NOW

Bob the Drag Queen wearing all black while posing for an Instagram photo
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Hail the queen of season eight!

Save These Bob the Drag Queen Quotes for a Rainy Day

We've never met a queen who made us laugh quite like Bob the Drag Queen.

The winner of RuPaul's Drag Race season eight could read us to the bank and back any day of the week and we'd be forever grateful for the shade of it all.

Apart from always keeping it real and hysterical, Bob the Drag Queen also inspires us with some sage words of wisdom. We've rounded up the best of the best Bob the Drag Queen quotes to offer you some shits and giggles, along with a few nuggets of motivation.

Read them all now!

Best Bob the Drag Queen Quotes

  • "I kind of have this mentality that says, everything works out in the end. And if it's not working out, it's not the end."

  • "I'm hilarious, beautiful, talented, and humble."

  • "Walk into the room purse first."

  • "Is BeyoncĂ© scared of Britney? Then Bob ain't scared of Derrick."

  • "If you wanna do like memorable drag next week I can give you some tips."

  • "It's actually really simple, it's my dad's name. My dad's name is 'The Drag Queen.'"

  • "If my intentions were to hurt you, you'd be crying right now, bitch!"

  • "Find something about you that you like and focus on that. If I don't like my face, if I don't like my skin, if I don't like my weight. I think to myself 'I have a nice teeth.' And it may just start with that one tooth. Look at that tooth. That's a nice tooth, man. And then once you can accept that little thing about yourself, you can just accept you for who you are."

  • "Art, Art, Art, Art. Did somebody mention Art?"

  • "That's my baby!"

Funny Bob the Drag Queen Quotes

  • "Why y'all gagging, I bring it to you every episode!"

  • "Taste it, bitch! Expensive vodka!"

  • "As a public servant, I believe in serving the people. That's why I want BJs for every single American! That's right! Better Jobs for every American! Buy yourself something pretty."

  • "Is the train still running?"

  • "Bob the Drag Queen is hilarious, funny, irreverent, beautiful, bold."

  • "No one better be disrespecting me."

  • "Team New York."

  • "I'm a little bit more chaotic."

  • "There's no sexy way to walk down stairs."

  • "Her teeth have been doing somersaults since she got here."

Greatest Bob the Drag Queen Quotes

  • "Some of this material did not age well."

  • "It is a known fact that Derrick Barry is not very smart. When she heard Britney Spears, she said, 'Does she? I prefer fencing.' It is very hard to have an intelligent conversation with Derrick Barry. The only thing harder is Robbie Turner's wig lines."

  • "Thorgy Thor is a cautionary tale of why musicians shouldn't mate."

  • "I find it amazing you have eleven brothers and sisters and no one loved you enough to tell you not to wear those shoes on national TV."

  • "And Bob the Drag Queen is so dark, she sits in a tub of hot water, and makes coffee. Thank you, the library's closed."

  • "If you want to win Drag Race, you have to win the most challenges."

  • "If anyone has proven you can win Drag Race without being pretty, it's Bianca Del Rio."

  • "This girl definitely knows who she is."

  • "Female wrestlers from WWF were my tea."

  • "Did you?!"

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