Everything You Need to Know About Better Than Sex Restaurant

Vanilla ice cream with a phallic piece of chocolate sticking out of it from Better Than Sex Desserts
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Are they really better than sex though?

This Restaurant Serves Desserts That Are Better Than Sex—Yes, Really

Few things are better than sex.

A relaxing bubble bath after a long day, a filling meal when you're famished, or some much-needed alone time with your significant other.

Okay, so there are actually quite a few things that are better than sex. But none of them compare to Better Than Sex. We know that sounded confusing, but stay with us here.

Better Than Sex is a dessert restaurant that serves up, you guessed it, desserts that are better than sex.

Cooked up by a married duo, Better Than Sex opened their original location in 2008 with couples in mind. With its intimate setting and gluttonous menu options, it serves as the perfect location for any date night.

Their menu features an array of delicious treats. From Missionary Crisp and Three-Way to Peanut Butter Perversion and Tongue Bath Truffle, their desserts are appropriately titled for the theme of the restaurant.

Not only can you indulge in one of their lustful desserts, they offer a line of sex-themed drinks that are drizzled with chocolate, topped with whipped cream, or both.

Currently, there are only three locations of this one-of-a-kind restaurant: Savannah, Georgia and Orlando and Key West, Florida. They are looking to open locations in Sarasota, Florida; Dallas, Texas; and Los Angeles, California soon. We're particularly looking forward to their Southern California location.

So if you're in desperate need of a date night, Better Than Sex serves as the perfect location. Allow yourself and your sweetheart to indulge in what you deserve, some dessert and maybe a little bit of sex afterwards. Or in the bathroom, if that's something you're about.

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