5 of the Best Sex Positions to Induce Labor

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Get that baby out of ya!

Sex Positions to Induce Labor

Looking for a natural way to induce labor? Have sex.

Seriously, having sex while pregnant has been known to trigger the release of oxytocin, which helps contractions. Not to mention, semen may even soften to cervix, priming it for birth.

Now that you know having sex is a great way to induce labor, let's talk logistics. There are positions that are safe to have sex in (and ones that'll prepare you to push out a baby) and ones that will not. We'll be discussing the former.

Scroll below for five sex positions to induce labor now! And if one doesn't work, try them all.

What to Expect When You're Expecting via Lionsgate


As you shouldn't be laying on your back once you're past your second trimester, a position like cowgirl is your best option. When you're on top, you get to control the speed and depth of the penetration, which is arguably the best part. Your breasts will also be more sensitive while you're pregnant, so when your partner plays with them, you'll experience even more pleasure.

Reverse Cowgirl

And if you want a little more clitoral stimulation, the reverse cowgirl position offers this benefit, along with all the ones that come with the regular ol' cowgirl position. How could you not try it tonight?

Doggy Style

Doggy style is a classic position that can be done in a variety of ways. When you're pretty far along in your pregnancy, it's best to prop yourself up with some pillows, so as not to put too much weight on your belly.


Laying on your back is out of the question, but laying on your side isn't. This is where a position like spooning comes into play. You'll lay on your side with your back to your partner and they'll enter you from behind. The penetration will be pretty shallow, but some women find that nice when they're further along in their pregnancy.


If any sort of penetration is out of the question, there's always oral sex. Again, you shouldn't be laying on your back, so you'll have to get creative in the position you wind up in. You could always sit on the edge of the bed or be standing up, if that's something that works for you.

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