The Best Low-Risk Places to Have Public Sex

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They're as low-risk as it gets!

Best Places to Have Public Sex, According to Reddit

Public sex.

Some people love it, some don't. But many of us are somewhat curious about the act. Though not the most romantic way to experience lovemaking with your partner, it's all sorts of thrilling.

Whether you've had public sex once, twice, or not at all, there certainly are a few do's and don'ts when it comes to engaging in the act. The most important one being where to do it.

Thanks to some helpful Reddit users, we've rounded up the best places to have public sex to minimize your chances of getting caught.

Scroll below to discover the most low-risk places to have public sex now—and get your freak on!

Parking Lots

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Reddit user EarthExile is all about big parking lots at shopping centers. The more cars, the easier it is to hide.


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Not the cleanest option, but a fun one nonetheless. Reddit user GIRTHLIFE, we agree with this suggestion.

National Parks and Forests

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Veering off a hiking trail, as Reddit user Oakstock suggests, will awaken your adventurous spirit.

Music Festivals

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You could always follow Reddit user Frostychick26's advice and do it somewhere the potential for getting caught is far greater.


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On the edge of farmlands is a perfect place to do it, according to Reddit user sleepy29. If you're not near a farm, there are other places on this list.

Ferris Wheel

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We don't know how we feel about a zoo train, but a Ferris wheel is a great idea from Reddit user drew1111.


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We can definitely attest to Reddit user Sebastians_Cloaca's idea. Graveyards are a spooky and fun place to get it on.


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You'll get a workout in more ways than one if you take Reddit user shootza's advice and have sex in a stairway.


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Always a classic option, we agree with everything Reddit user DRJ250 has to say about having sex in restaurants.

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