5 Best Non-Alcoholic Alcohols for Those Staying Sober

Grüvi sample pack of non-alcoholic weisse, prosecco, and IPA
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Who says you can't enjoy beer while staying sober during the holidays?

Staying Sober This Holiday Season? Sip on These Non-Alcoholic Alcohols

While the holidays are a jolly ol' time filled with family reunions, that is enough to drive plenty of us straight to drinking. But what if you've vowed to stay sober during the likes of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years?

Just because you're staying sober, doesn't mean you can't get into the holiday spirit. Oh yeah, we went there.

As alcohol-free booze is on the rise, there are plenty of companies who've crafted some of the greatest non-alcoholic alcohols your tongue will ever taste.

From IPAs to spirits, there are a number of alcohol-free drinks out there for everyone who's trying to stay sober to enjoy.

With so many options, we know it can be tough to choose. This is why we've wound it down to the five best non-alcoholic alcohols for you to choose from.

Find the one for you below!

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1. Grüvi

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An exceptional line of non-alcoholic beers and wines, you don't have to skip out on your favorite drinks this holiday season. Featuring Prosecco, Sour Weisse, and IPA, you can enjoy your go-to alcoholic beverages without any guilt thanks to Grüvi.

2. Seedlip

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Seedlip produces three unique non-alcoholic spirits inspired by apotecaries' distilled herbal remedies from the 17th century. These high quality non-alcoholic options are exactly what you should be drinking when you're not drinking, as the company points out.

3. Three Spirit

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Three Spirit promises to have you feeling like you've been drinking without actually drinking any alcohol. Who could say no to that. Coming in three distinct flavors, you're sure to find a bottle that's right for your needs.

4. Kin Spritz

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Enjoy a blissful rise throughout the night by sipping on these delicious Kin Spritz can during any and every occasion they're needed. The adaptogens in these cans help keep you balanced and stress-free, too.

5. Curious Elixirs

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You'll be shaken, but not slurred with these pre-mixed cocktail concoctions from Curious Elixirs. They're the perfect booze-free craft cocktails to be enjoyed by all.

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