Best Online Mental Health Forums for Those Who Need Help

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Don't be afraid to speak out.

Mental Health Forums

Discussing mental illness is tough.

It took us a long time to feel comfortable detailing our struggles with the world.

Before we were able to so freely speak about our mental health issues, we would seek solace in various mental health forums. It was there we gained the confidence to battle the stigma surrounding mental illnesses.

To make sure you feel as informed and emotionally supported as we do, we've rounded up six mental health forums you should turn to when you need some guidance.

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1. Mental Health Forum

One forum we've always been fans of is Mental Health Forum. There are smaller forums dedicated to just about every mental health issue you can imagine. From depression and anxiety to eating disorders and hearing voices, you'll find a place you feel comfortable discussing your issues.

2. Sane Forums

Based in Australia, Sane Forums helps users seek support, make connections, and share their experiences with mental illnesses. All of the forums are anonymous and moderated by mental health professionals. Our favorite part is that they have a Carers Forum, which is designed for family friends, and others who are looking after someone living with a mental illness.

3. Psych Central Forums

Psych Central Forums is a free community where those suffering from various mental health issues can learn about treatments and self-care strategies for their mental health, along with their physical health.

4. Natural Medicine Talk

As you can probably guess from the name, Natural Medicine Talk this forum discusses natural medicine. From how it can help your mental health to which alternative therapies might be best for you, Natural Medicine Talk discusses a variety of these types of topics.

5. National Alliance on Mental Illness Discussion Groups

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (or NAMI) features various discussion groups on mental health issues on their site. You have to create an account to participate in the discussions, which you can do for free here.

6. Mental Health America Forum

Through Inspire, Mental Health America has a forum where individuals impacted by mental health conditions can connect with others and seek support. The forums discuss depression, anxiety, OCT, PTSD, schizophrenia, and more.

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