15 Most Powerful Quotes Ever Said by Bernie Sanders

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders speaks in Bedford, New Hampshire, on January 22, 2016
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Bernie 2020!

15 Bernie Sanders Quotes That Prove He's Doing This for Us

Bernie Sanders is back, and stronger than ever, vying for the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination.

He, along with Elizabeth Warren, is one of our top candidates for President of the United States.

Will he get the bid? We hope so, but we're on pins and needles waiting for 2020 to roll around. Until then, we calm ourselves down by reading these powerful Bernie Sanders quotes that prove he belongs in the White House.

Read them for yourself now!

Best Bernie Sanders Quotes

  • "I am going to do my best to try to create a country in which children are not living in poverty, in which kids can go to college, in which old people have health care. Will I succeed? I can't guarantee you that, but I can tell you that from a human point of view, it is better to show up than to give up."

  • "It is a lot less expensive to provide jobs and education to our young people than to lock them up and destroy their lives."

  • "Nobody who works 40 hours a week should be living in poverty."

  • "A nation will not survive morally or economically when so few have so much and so many have so little."

  • "It's time to make our government work for all of us and not just the one percent."

Inspiring Bernie Sanders Quotes

  • "There is no more important job in this country than being a good teacher."

  • "Health care must be recognized as a right, not a privilege."

  • "I believe when we stand together when we share the vision that government should work for all of us, there is nothing we can't accomplish."

  • "Young people in this country know exactly what they're doing. They know we need big change, not just small steps."

  • "I believe in a society where all people do well, not just a handful of billionaires."

Motivational Bernie Sanders Quotes

  • "We have got to change the political culture in America. We need a political revolution. That means we are working on politics not just three weeks before an election, but 365 days a year."

  • "I don't do negative ads. I don't engage in personal attacks. Let's debate the issues."

  • "We have an obligation to take care of the people who fight for us."

  • "When millions of people become engaged in the political process they win."

  • "America becomes a greater nation when we stand together and say no to racism, hatred, and bigotry."

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