Ben Lido Makes Traveling Easier With TSA-Approved Toiletries

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Travel made simple!

Everything You Need to Know About Ben Lido's Subscription-Based Travel Kits

Traveling is all fun and games until you need to pack for your next adventure.

There's no bigger buzzkill than realizing you still need to get your suitcase in order for your trip the night before. But one of the worst parts about packing isn't deciding which clothes to bring, but putting together your toiletries bag.

Figuring out if something is TSA-approved is difficult enough, then having to run down to a store to purchase all the items you need adds more unnecessary stress before your fun-filled excursion.

What if we told you there was a company that would do the work for you? You'd think we're crazy, right?

Well, consider us insane, because we recently came across a subscription-based travel kit company that specializes in helping wanderers put together their toiletry bags in the most convenient way possible.

With 20 years of travel know-how under their belt, it's no wonder Ben Lido is the company responsible for making all of your travel dreams come true.

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How Ben Lido Works

You start by picking your toiletry bag to fill everything in. If you already have a bag ready to use, then you can skip the first step and go straight to picking out your products.

Choosing your products can work one of two ways: You can pick from one of their five packs (The Luxury, The Business, The Essentials, The Adventure, The Beach) or add the items you need individually.

Anything you might need, Ben Lido has it available to purchase on their site. From sunscreen and lip balm to condoms and after shave, you name it, they've got it waiting for you to add it to your bag.

Once your cart is filled with everything you need, you can check out and have it sent straight to your door or wherever your travel destination may be.

The prices of the kits range from $30 to $135, but purchasing a handful of individual items will be a little bit cheaper.

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Now that we know Ben Lido exists, packing for our next trip will be so much easier. No longer will we need to visit CVS at an ungodly hour to stock up on TSA-approved essentials when we have these kits in our back pocket.

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