Here's Where You Can Buy Avengers-Themed Sex Toys

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Avengers-Themed Sex Toys Are Here To Save The Day

If you've ever felt sexually frustrated while watching Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, and Chris Hemsworth save the world as the Avengers, you're not alone.

Thanks to Australian sex toy company Geeky Sex Toys, your dreams of a romantic romp in the hay with Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and the rest of the team has become possible... sort of.

Allow us to introduce you to the company's supercharged line of Avengers-themed sex toys, The Indulgers: Pleasure War.

From a dildo created in likeness of Thor's hammer to a butt plug with the symbol of Captain America's shield, no Avenger is too sacred to inspire a unique sex toy. Want to see all Geeky Sex Toys' line has to offer? Click through this slideshow to see every Avengers-themed sex toy you could ever want.

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Thor's Hammer-Inspired Dildo: $110

We always knew Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, had a more sexual purpose, and this dildo just confirms our suspicions. According to the company, "whoever holds this hammer, if they be horny, shall poses the power of thunderous climax." Sign us up!

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Thanos' Gauntlet-Inspired Fist: $99

Thanos may need the infinity stones to complete his gauntlet, but this one will work just fine without them for us. It won't make us all-powerful, but it'll deliver one hell of an orgasm. What more could we ask for?

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Captain America's Shield-Inspired Butt Plug: $60

We're just being honest, Captain America could stick in anywhere he wants. Because that likely will never happen, we'll gladly use this butt plug to fill his void in our lives.

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The Incredible Hulk-Inspired Dildo: $99

Measuring 8.5" in length and 7.8" in girth, this green dildo is nothing short of incredible. After a rough day at work, we'll follow the company's advice and "smash out some orgasms" with this bad boy.

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Iron Man's Arc Rector-Inspired Butt Plug: $55

Who would've known that an Arc Rector-inspired butt plug was what was missing from our sex lives? Let's not forget to mention that this toy also glows in the dark. Simply incredible!