Review of AUR Body's CBD-Based Products

AUR Body's line of CBD-infused products
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CBD is the way to go!

AUR Body Review

CBD-based products are something I've found myself reaching for more often.

Life has been pretty stressful and opting for meditation or yoga just isn't cutting it like it used to. I need something more — and that's where CBD for anxiety comes in.

It'll help me unwind after a long day, or even during a long day. All that said, I still find it somewhat intimidating. Though I've smoked my fair share of weed and have a handful of CBD products in my medicine cabinet, I'm still highly selective about the items I choose to ingest.

And while CBD isn't the same as weed, seeing as it doesn't contain the psychoactive THC, I still tend to keep my CBD usage shrouded in secrecy. I can't tell you why, especially seeing as CBD isn't illegal by any means, but there's still some part of me that feels as though I shouldn't be using it.

I was recently introduced to a new company called AUR Body, which specializes in CBD-infused products, such as gummies, tinctures, and body oil. Unlike most CBD products, the ones from AUR Body were more welcoming and inviting. They didn't make me feel like I needed a doctor's prescription to have on me at all times. In fact, I even feel comfortable hosting the gummies and tinctures on my desk at work.

To keep the mystery alive, and learn more about AUR Body, scroll below to discover why I enjoy their products so much!

About AUR Body

AUR Body was founded by Dori Light after an experience she had recovering from a minor surgery.

"I was offered the option of essential oils for relaxation, as opposed to anxiety medication," she mentioned on AUR Body's site. "It opened my eyes to alternative means of healthcare and how natural remedies can be just as effective as potentially addictive medication. AUR is my way of sharing that discovery with anyone else who may not know that there are other options out there."

One reason I enjoy CBD so much is that I've noticed it works wonders for my anxiety and depression, without causing me to feel numb, as antidepressants usually do. When I spoke with Dori over the phone, she mentioned why that was another reason she also used CBD.

"I started using CBD in tandem with my antidepressants," she said. "I was able to eventually decrease the dosage of my medication when using the CBD. My meds made me numb, but CBD doesn't."

And with that AUR Body was born.

It wasn't enough for Dori to create a product containing CBD, each item also had to be delicious and beautiful in their own way.

She spent quite some time crafting the products, along with designing the packaging, which is some of the most beautiful I've come across. As a millennial, part of the reason I buy things is because of their gorgeous packaging.

Dori chose a majorly blue and red color combination for her line after being inspired by a book she came across in France that had the same color scheme. Two hues that balance each other out (red is powerful and strong, while blue is calming and approachable), they're made all the more beautiful by the whimsical patterns adorning the bottles.

One aspect of the brand Dori mentioned that excites me the most, which you wouldn't know from looking at it online or even enjoying the products, is the fact that everyone who's touched the brand in some way shape or form is female. I'll always support an all-women company, as should every single one of you reading this.

AUR Body Products

AUR Body has a rather selective range of products, but that's just the way I like it. The less options I have to choose from, the better.

I was sent their Watermellow Gummies and Mint Chocolate Milk Tincture, but they also have a Vanilla Almond Milk Tincture and Rosemary's Achey Body Oil.

Watermellow Gummies

Of the products I tried, these were my favorite. Dori had mentioned that people note how much they taste exactly like the Sour Patch Watermelon Gummies, which had me all the more excited to try them myself. I have quite the obsession with the sour treat.

To my surprise, they did taste just like the Sour Patch gummies. It was hard to stop myself from eating more than one, but somehow I found the restraint. Within an hour of ingesting the gummy, I felt much more calm and relaxed than before.

The Watermellow Gummies contain 5mg of CBD and it's recommended to take between one to two daily or as needed.

Mint Chocolate Milk Tincture

The Watermellow Gummies were my favorite, but I also did enjoy the taste of the Mint Chocolate Milk Tincture, which doesn't actually contain milk. It did work a little faster at mellowing me out than the gummies did, but anything that's sour will always have my heart.

The first time I tried this tincture, I dispensed 15 drops under my tongue and let it sit for about a minute before swallowing, per the instructions.

When Dori mentioned she used it in baking or in her coffee, I decided to do the same. I'm no baker, but I did add a few drops to my morning cup of joe, which was one of the best ways to start the day. Not only did it keep me zen for a majority of the day, it made my coffee taste better. Can't argue with that.

Vanilla Almond Milk Tincture

Though I didn't try the Vanilla Almond Milk Tincture, I imagine it's just as delicious as the mint chocolate one. It works the same way as it's mintier counterpart, but has a flavor palette that works well in almost everything. Mint doesn't quite work for every sort of beverage or dessert, but vanilla does.

Rosemary's Achey Body Oil

Rounding out AUR Body's product line is their anti-inflammatory, CBD body oil. It's a body salve designed to hydrate and target pain points on your body. I didn't get my hands on this bad boy, but based on my experience with the other products, I'd definitely give their oil a try.

Where to Buy AUR Body

If after hearing about my experience with the products you want to try AUR Body for yourself, you can purchase any item you'd like from their site here.

They even have gift cards and gift sets for you or someone else in your life.

Which item will you try first?

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