An Aquaman Sex Toy Exists—Here's What You Need to Know

Jason Mamo shirtless in the water in a scene from Aquaman
Aquaman via Warner Bros. Pictures

Get acquainted with the Aqua-moan!

You Can Officially Get It on With Aquaman... Sort Of

Anyone who has seen Aquaman knows how much of a thirst trap the film is. Rather than watching it for the plot, we all went to see Jason Momoa shirtless. Don't deny it.

We even dragged our partners to see it, because sure, they'd love to watch yet another unnecessary superhero flick. And all we did was drool over Aquaman the entire time he was onscreen.

This didn't stop when the movie ended—oh no. We had erotic dreams about Aquaman for months after we saw the film more times than necessary. We're getting hot and bothered just thinking about those moments.

Sadly, they're just dreams. We'll never be able to fornicate with Aquaman... at least not physically. Thanks to the wonderful creatures at Geeky Sex Toys, there's a bit of a loophole here. The adult toy company has made a dildo inspired by the aquatic superhero.

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Appropriately called the AquaMoan, it's exactly how we imagined Aquaman's phallic member to look. Scaled and created in the iconic gold and green color scheme, we're wet just looking at it. We meant that in the most perverted way possible.

Its suction cup base allows us to get wet in more ways than one, meaning we'll definitely be using this beauty in the shower. With an insertable length of 7 3/4 inches and a width of 6 3/4 inches you'll find the moans you've been looking for and won't even need to dive deep below the sea to get them.

Don't hesitate on purchasing one of these, because there are less than 100 left. Geeky Sex Toys only made 500 in total for this limited edition toy. Tomorrow may be too late to get your hand on an Aquaman-inspired dick.

If you do miss out on snatching up this toy, Geeky Sex Toys does have a line of Avengers-themed sex toys you might be interested in, too. From a girthy Hulk dildo to a Captain America butt plug, these toys are nothing short of super. You may not be a superhero, but at least you can have sex like one.

via Geeky Sex Toys

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