Spa Girl Cocktails Is for Those Who Enjoy a Clean Martini

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We need more women in business like Alisa!

Alisa Beyer Is Championing More Women in Business With Spa Girl Cocktails

Alisa Beyer has seen her fair share of success in business.

As the founder of a wide variety of companies, ranging from swimwear to PR, she has led her teams to the ultimate accomplishment—getting acquired.

Business after business, company after company, Alisa has proven she's a woman in business to stand behind. Though, Alisa would say stand with.

Unlike various founders and CEOs out there, Alisa aims to bring more women into business, and be a helping hand when they need it. With her latest venture, Spa Girl Cocktails, she aims to do just that, along with changing the way we consume cocktails.

Learn more about Alisa and Spa Girl Cocktails by reading out exclusive interview below! You have quite a bit of professional experience, but how did you get started on this career path?

Alisa Beyer: I think I’ve always been an entrepreneur. My very first job was at a PR firm in D.C. I loved the industry, but I quickly realized that I had ideas, strategies, and visions that didn’t completely jive with a corporate structure, which is how I ultimately ended up starting my first company. For me, I love the energy and creativity inherent in a start-up environment, and with companies that are founded by people who have a passionate vision to get their dream out in the world.

WDC: What bit of your career was the best for you? What was the most difficult?

AB: We all have difficult, as well as amazing, portions of our careers—I guess I couldn’t really say if I’ve seen the most difficult or the best bit yet. Definitely some high points were starting and founding a branding agency in D.C. called The Benchmarking Company (TBC), as well as starting my own beauty brand: Coastal Salt & Soul. And I’ve had my share of difficulties, too. Early on with my first company with my husband (my fiancé at the time), he had to sell his car to help me make payroll. You definitely learn a lot about yourself as a leader and your fortitude to keep on going with your vision from an experience like that.

WDC: How did Spa Girl Cocktails come to be?

AB: Spa Girl Cocktails is the first company I am running, but did not start, so it's new territory. My 17-year-old daughter knew I was looking for an idea that I could both build into a large 30 million dollar plus brand, and one that I could raise serious capital around. Women only get four percent of the available capital, so for me, I knew it was a difficult battle. My daughter met Karen Haines, the women who founded Spa Girl Cocktails, and insisted I look at it. After several months of due diligence, I knew this was the right product, at the right time for a market I love to build for—women! So, I worked to form a new company, acquired the assets, and funded the company.

WDC: What makes Spa Girl Cocktails different from other spirits out there?

AB: Our product is a 'pop and pour' premium vodka cocktail. It is built on our belief that we should all drink clean and drink happy. Spa Girl Cocktails always taste amazing, are perfect-proof, low-calorie, low sugar, vegan, gluten-free, all-natural, no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors. We believe harmful or unhealthy ingredients should not be in our bodies or in our cocktails. We might like our martinis dirty, but not our ingredients.

WDC: How can one best enjoy Spa Girl Cocktails?

AB: Spa Girl Cocktails are best enjoyed however you like your cocktail. If you want the quick and easy, no fuss cocktail, just chill, pop, and pour any of our premium flavors into your favorite glass or flute. If you are a budding mixologist, you can try one of the recipes found on our website or Instagram Stories, or create your own (and if you do, please share with us). That’s the whole point of Spa Girl Cocktails—there’s no wrong way to enjoy them, because they are the perfect pour, right out of the bottle, with or without your own embellishments.

My personal Spa Girl favorite right now is Pear—I love it icy cold, and served in a champagne coupe with a Prosecco floater and a few cranberries tossed in. So fun for the holidays!

WDC: What does being a woman in business mean to you?

AB: For me, being a woman in business means freedom. I really love leading the pack, following a schedule that I love (which gives me plenty of time for my family and playing tennis), and building products and companies for women.

WDC: What’s the biggest misconception about being a woman in business?

AB: Wow, I have no idea! Maybe that we don’t drink or swear? I do both!

WDC: Who are some women that inspire you?

AB: Honestly, most women, every woman, all women. Those that came in the past, who made this moment possible for us all; to work, love, vote, and live the life we choose for ourselves.

WDC: Where do you hope your career goes next?

AB: Right now, I’m focused on growing Spa Girl Cocktails into the leading global clean spirits brand, I don’t think about 'next' too much. For me, this is the one I’ve spent my career working for, it’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to work with a killer team of women to raise our glass and raise our voices.

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