Best Instagram Captions for Your 30th Birthday Posts

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Best 30th Birthday Instagram Captions

You only turn 30 once, so you better make sure you go all out for your celebration.

Throw one heck of a party with all your friends and family, and don't forget to take plenty of pics to post on Instagram.

We know we don't have to tell you twice, but we just thought we'd remind you.

Once you've scrolled through your shots and found the perfect one to share with your followers, scroll through our list of 30 best captions for your 30th birthday Instagrams.

We promise you'll find the one for you!

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  • "Thirty, flirty, and thriving."

  • "30 is the new 20."

  • "I'm not 30—I'm 21 with 9 years of experience."

  • "It takes a long time to grow young."

  • "Feeling the love for 30 years."

  • "I will be 29 until further notice."

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  • "Hello, 30!"

  • "It's getting real."

  • "30 is all a big joke until it happens to you."

  • "I'm not 30, I'm three 10s."

  • "You've reached level 30."

  • "Sassy since birth."

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  • "Thirty and thirsty."

  • "Aged to perfection."

  • "Growing up is optional."

  • "30 is an attitude."

  • "I'm not getting older, I'm aging like a fine wine."

  • "A little magic can take you a long way."

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  • "Time to party."

  • "I'm not old, I'm vintage."

  • "Keep calm, you're only 30."

  • "Old enough to look back and young enough to look forward."

  • "My value is increasing."

  • "Life is a party. Dress like it."

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  • "I may be classy, but I'm ready to get trashy."

  • "30 never looked so good."

  • "The older I get, the better I become."

  • "Cheers to me."

  • "Three tiers for 30 years."

  • "A 30 year original."