Quiz: Do You Know the Definitions of Important Dating Terms?

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You've heard of ghosting, but do you know what breadcrumbing is?

From ghosting to breadcrumbing, see how well you know the definitions of important dating terms in 2018 with this insightful trivia quiz now!

 May 30, 2018

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What word means to disappear completely from a person's life without an explanation?

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What does DTR stand for?
Drink the ranch
Determine the ratio
Define the relationship

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When is cuffing season?
During the spring and summer
All year round
During the fall and winter

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What's a slow fade?
A type of haircut
When you slowly disappear from a relationship over time
When you disappear during the middle of a date

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What does phubbing mean?
Accidentally texting the wrong person
Looking at your phone while someone is trying to communicate with you
Phoning a friend during a date

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What's the term for using affection to build trust in order to gain control of their relationship?

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What's haunting?
When someone who ghosted you interacts with you on social media
Going on a really bad date
When you're being followed by a ghost

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What term is known as the friendlier version of ghosting?

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What is Draking?
Acting emotionally over an ex
Crying while listening to Drake
Going on a date with Drake

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What does it mean to bench someone?
Not paying for their drink at a bar
Ignoring them until they disappear forever
You're not sure if you want to date them, so you keep them on the sideline
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Another day, another dating term to be aware of. From ghosting and caspering to love-bombing and cushioning, there's a plethora of slang anyone who's currently invested in the dating scene needs to be aware of. You may know some of them, but do you know them all? Put your knowledge to the test with this dating terms quiz right now!