Quiz: What Style of Engagement Ring Should You Get?

Would a traditional ring suite you?

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 Jun 15, 2018
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Question: 1/10Pick your answer!

Which word best describes you?

Question: 2/10Pick your answer!

Do you want a big diamond?
I don't even want a diamond
I want it to be huge
Just a regular sized one will do

Question: 3/10Pick your answer!

Is price an issue for you?
There's some wiggle room in our budget
There's a tight budget
Money's no object

Question: 4/10Pick your answer!

Which diamond shape would you want?

Question: 5/10Pick your answer!

Would you want a simple or extravagant band?
A mix of both

Question: 6/10Pick your answer!

Do you want a big or small wedding?
Somewhere in between

Question: 7/10Pick your answer!

Does your partner's input about your ring matter to you?
No, it's my ring
A little bit, but not too much

Question: 8/10Pick your answer!

Which color would you want your ring to be?
White Gold
Rose Gold

Question: 9/10Pick your answer!

Where would you like the proposal to take place?
A fancy restaurant
Somewhere with our family and friends
Just at home

Question: 10/10Pick your answer!

How long do you plan on being engaged?
The usual amount of time
Not that long, because we want to get married ASAP
For as long as possible
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