This Depression Test Will Reveal Your Mental Health Status

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Time to check on your mental health with this depression test.

Has your mental health been weakening over time? Are you concerned you may be depressed? Take this depression test to find out where you stand!

 Apr 19, 2018
1 of 18Pick your answer
How do you feel most of the time?
Worn down
2 of 18Pick your answer
Are you interested in trying new things?
A little bit
Not at all
3 of 18Pick your answer
Are you interested in your life now?
4 of 18Pick your answer
How often do you think about death?
Every day
Very rarely
I don't think about it
5 of 18Pick your answer
How quickly do you make decisions?
I find it easy to make decisions quickly
I don't make them
It takes me a while
6 of 18Pick your answer
Do you feel hopeless?
All the time
Sometimes, but not all that often
7 of 18Pick your answer
What are your sleep patterns like?
They're pretty normal
I don't sleep enough, if at all
I sleep way too much
8 of 18Pick your answer
How hard on yourself are you?
I get upset with myself all the time
I'll get upset, but remind myself I'm doing my best
I'm not fond of who I am at all
9 of 18Pick your answer
Do you feel like you're in control of what's going on in your life?
For the most part, but there are some things that are out of my control
10 of 18Pick your answer
Is it hard for you to concentrate on specific tasks?
It's a bit tough, but nothing I can't handle
Yes, my mind is always focusing on a million different things
11 of 18Pick your answer
Is there anything in your life that brings you happiness?
Not really
12 of 18Pick your answer
Have you ever thought about hurting yourself?
Yes, regularly
Maybe once or twice
No, not at all
13 of 18Pick your answer
Which color best describes your overall feelings about life?
14 of 18Pick your answer
Do you have a poor appetite?
I always overeat
My appetite is pretty normal
I'm never hungry
15 of 18Pick your answer
Do you feel fatigued all the time?
16 of 18Pick your answer
How do you manage stress?
I try not to focus on it
I meditate
I don't
17 of 18Pick your answer
Do you cry often?
Every little thing makes me burst out into tears
I cry, but not that much
I rarely ever cry
18 of 18Pick your answer
Do you feel like ending your life would make everything better?
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Depression is a nasty disease that affects millions of people worldwide, yet it's not something that is often talked about in everyday life. Many people suffer in silence, fearing what will happen if they share their feelings with their loved ones. If you're wondering if you have depression, taking our depression test will reveal whether you do or don't.

Whatever your results may be, remember that there are a variety of places you can reach out to if you're worried about your mental health. From organizations like Hope for the Day and To Write Love on Her Arms to National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and Mental Health First Aid, there are no shortage of places to reach out to if you need help. These kind and caring humans are available whenever you need someone to talk to and aren't sure who to go to.

If you're ready to talk to a therapist, but need help finding one, we recommend using sites like Better Help, Psychology Today, Talk Space, Network Therapy, or reaching out directly to your health insurance provider to see which therapists are covered under your insurance plan.

The important thing to remember is that there is no weakness in asking for help. You wouldn't hesitate to visit a doctor if you were sick or had some serious body injury, so why wouldn't you talk to someone about your deteriorating mental health? Find the courage to speak up about how you're feeling and you'll feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. Whoever you trust the most in your life, go to them first. They'll understand and be there for you. And if you need something to take your mind off this, take some fun quizzes at