Quiz: Are You Ready to Get Married?

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Marriage is a huge commitment. Are you ready?

Whether your partner popped the question or you're hoping they're about to, take this quiz to see if you're actually ready to get married soon!

 Jun 03, 2018

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How long have you been with your S.O.?
A few months
We just met
Basically all of our lives

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Do you live together?

3 of 10Choose Your Answer:

Do you feel sure about your future with them?

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Why do you want to get married?
To throw an awesome party
I don't
To wear a gorgeous dress
To let my partner know I'm totally committed to them

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Are you both on the same page when it comes to kids?

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How do you deal with finances?
We do our own thing
We do everything together
It's a combination of both

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Do you and your partner ever spend time apart?
Not at all, we're totally in love
Yes, everyone needs to spend some time apart

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Do you have the same goals?
They're pretty similar, but not all the same

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Would you be ready to get married tomorrow?
Not at all
I think so...

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Do you love your S.O.?
I'm getting there
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Are you ready to get married? You may think you are, but it doesn't hurt to be totally sure you're fully prepared to make such a huge commitment. All you have to do is honestly answer the following questions and we'll reveal if you should get married. Ready to find out? Take this quiz now!

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