Quiz: Could You Pass The AP Psychology Exam?

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Are you gearing up to take the AP Psychology exam in the near future? Take this practice quiz right now to see how prepared you are for the exam!

 May 08, 2018

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What is the only form of psychological research that can determine cause and effect?
Comparative study

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What brain structure provides the major link between the nervous system and the endocrine system?
Corpus callosum

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What is the process by which we recognize, interpret, and organize our sensations?

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What will most likely be influenced by staying up especially late on weekends?
Lucid dreaming
REM rebound
Circadian rhythm

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Blinking in response to a puff of air directed to your eye is a(n):
Unconditioned Stimulus
Conditioned Response
Unconditioned Response

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The Ebbinghaus forgetting curve shows:
A bell-shaped curve
A steady, gradual decrease of memory over time
A steep initial drop in retention followed by a gradual decline

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What is the highest need on Maslow’s hierarchy?
Safety and security
Physiological needs

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The universally understandable language of human emotion consists of:
Facial expressions
Body postures
Hand gestures

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The process of developing a sense of identity during adolescence was highlighted by what developmental theory?
Kubler-Ross’ stages of grief
Piaget’s cognitive development theory
Erikson’s psychosocial development theory

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Humanistic psychology has been most closely associated with an emphasis on the importance of what?
Projective tests
Reciprocal determinism
Positive self-concept

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During the manic phase of a bipolar disorder, individuals are most likely to experience:
Delusions of persecution
High self-esteem

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Compared with individualistic cultures, people in collectivist cultures:
Are less likely to conform among a group of strangers
Are more likely to conform to group pressure in any group
Opt to be more unique when given the opportunity to do so
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School may be ending for summer break, but before it does, some of you will have to endure one, two, or more AP exams. If you're taking the AP Psychology exam this semester, take our practice exam to see how prepared you actually are.