Quiz: Which 'Aggretsuko' Character Are You?

Aggretsuko with a bunch of papers piled around her desk on Netflix's Aggretsuko TV show
Aggretsuko via TBS Television

Are you Retsuko, Fenneko, or another character from the show?

If you're obsessed with Netflix's new cartoon series Aggretsuko, take this quiz right now to discover which character from the show you're most like!

 May 08, 2018
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If you're a huge fan of the Japanese anime Aggretsuko, then you've come to the right place! If you're like Retsuko, then you tend to be shy and have a lot of pent up frustration about the world. Fenneko tends to be a little nosy, but not on purpose! She just somehow always knows what anyone and everyone is up to at any given moment. And if you'e wise beyond your years and always know just what to say whenever anyone comes to you for advice, you're definitely Washimi! So, do any of these sound like you? If you think you know which character from Aggretsuko you are, then think again! The answer might just surprise you! Answer just a few questions about your life and your personality, and we'll tell you which Aggretsuko character matches you! Just be sure to answer honestly, because this quiz is super accurate!

Wondering which character you'll get on this Aggretsuko quiz? Aggretsuko is a hit Japanese anime franchise follows Sanrio character Retsuko, a 25-year-old red panda who works in the accounting department for a company and gets her aggression out by singing heavy metal songs at karaoke bars. Relatable enough for you? Obviously. If this show has suddenly found its way into your heart, take this quiz right now to discover which character you're most like.

Want to know more about the show Aggretsuko? Well did you know that when Retsuko allows herself to let loose and karaoke rage, kanji appears on her forehead for "retsu," which means "rage" or "fierce." That's so metal!

Also, the series' writer and director Rareko is the voice of death-metal Retsuko.

Gorillas, hyenas, and foxes - oh my! Many of Retsuko's co-workers have names that relate to their animal species. Gori is a gorilla, Fenneko is a fox, and Haida is a hyena!

Now, if you want more Aggretsuko quizzes, email me at brooke@women.com to let me know! Until then, take this Aggretsuko quiz to see what character from the show you are!

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