Quiz: Which Of The 5 Love Languages Are You?

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That's the power of love!

Everyone expresses love in their relationships through one of the 5 love languages. Which one are you like? Take this quiz to evaluate yourself now!

 Apr 25, 2018

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What's more meaningful?
Receiving a hug from a loved one
Receiving a nice phone call/text from a loved one

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What means more to you?
Spending alone time with someone
Receiving a nice gift from a loved one

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Choose a gift to receive!
I'd rather have them just do something nice for me
A kiss
A compliment

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What's your ideal first date?
Shopping together
Going out to dinner and a movie
Trying something adventurous
A couples massage
Anything, as long as my S.O. is by my side

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What's your biggest relationship pet peeve?
Never hearing the words 'I love you'
Being underappreciated for all you do
Your partner not liking PDA
Not spending enough time with your S.O.
Never being surprised with gifts

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How do you show someone you love them?
Tell them
Spend a ton of time with them
Shower them with physical affection
Give them gifts
Do something nice for them

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Do you believe in the idea of soulmates?
I believe there are multiple people out there for everyone

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Why did your last relationship end?
They didn't show their affection enough physically
They never did anything nice for me
We never spent any time together
We weren't communicating
They did give me a gift on my birthday

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What's the most important part of every relationship?
Spending a good amount of time together
How well you communicate
Your sexual compatibility
Sharing similar interests

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What is not important to you in a relationship?
Having your S.O. do your work for you
Texting 24/7
Spending every second of your free time together
Making out
Getting gifts
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Ah, love. From friendships to relationships, everyone experiences and expresses it differently. Wondering how you communicate your admiration in your partnerships? Take this quiz to discover which of the 5 love languages you are, and how it can improve your relationships.