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 Sep 24, 2019

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How old was Meredith when her father left?
Five years old
Eight years old
Ten years old

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Ellis relocated herself and Meredith to _______.
New York

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For how long did Meredith travel Europe with her best friend?
Eight months
Two months
Three years

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What pushed Meredith to attend medical school?
When Ellis told her she was a failure.
When her father died.
When she learned of Ellis' early-onset Alzheimer's diagnosis.

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Why did Bailey dislike Meredith when she arrived as an intern?
Bailey found out Webber accepted her into the program because of Ellis.
Bailey found out Meredith was sleeping with her boss, Derek.
Meredith told Bailey she wasn't afraid of her.

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What was Meredith's dog's name?

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Meredith dated a(n) _______ while she was also dating Derek.

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Who planned Derek and Meredith's wedding?

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Meredith donated a portion of her liver to her _______.

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What caused Meredith to have a miscarriage?
Her hostile uterus.
Being involved in a plane crash.
Almost drowning in the bay.

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What type of operation was Meredith's daughter, Zola, first brought to the hospital for?
Spina bifida
Biliary atresia
Cleft palate

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What city was Meredith's plane headed to before it crashed?
San Francisco

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How much money was Meredith awarded from her lawsuit?
$15 million
$6 million
$1 billion

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Meredith gave birth during a _______.

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Meredith moved to _______ for a year after Derek died.
San Diego
Salt Lake City

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What was Meredith and Cristina's nickname?
The Twisted Sisters
The Sleezy Sisters
The Black Widows

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Why did Meredith and Nathan break up?
Maggie was in love with Nathan.
Nathan's missing fiancé showed up.
Meredith's kids didn't like Nathan.

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Meredith's patient, _______ was also a professional matchmaker.

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What did Meredith do that violated HIPAA?
She told Owen about Teddy's pregnancy.
She told Alex about Jo's estranged husband.
She told Maggie about Catherine's cancer.

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Where did Andrew and Meredith have a Valentine's date?
The on-call room
The hospital roof
Joe's bar

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What hospital record did Meredith break?
The longest surgery
The shortest surgery
The most surgeries in a day

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Why did Bailey fire Meredith from the hospital?
For killing a patient due to negligence.
For tampering with a clinical trial.
For committing insurance fraud.
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