This 'Guys Of Greys' Quiz is Literally Too McDreamy & McSteamy to Handle

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Can you take the heat?

Are you ready to take the hottest Grey's Anatomy quiz in order to prove your love for the show? Let's see how well you remember these guys!

 Jul 05, 2020

1 of 16What is Alex's surgical speciality?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Pediatric surgery
Plastic surgery

2 of 16Where did Nico and Levi first hook up?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
An ambulance
An on-call room
A locker room

3 of 16How much money did Jackson inherit after his grandfather died?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
A quarter billion dollars
A billion dollars
Half a million dollars

4 of 16Jackson sent Maggie a picture of what when he was visiting a National Park?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
A bird
A mushroom
A tree

5 of 16Who did Shane have a crush on?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

6 of 16What country was Andrew born in?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

7 of 16What is happening in this scene?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Derek is proposing to Meredith.
Derek is leaving Meredith's after a one-night stand.
Derek is sleeping with Addison.

8 of 16How many children does Mark have?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

9 of 16Why is Derek covering himself with only a pillow?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Meredith's mom is home.
Someone pranked him and hid his pants.
Izzie walked in.

10 of 16What instrument did Owen play in high school?

"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC

11 of 16What did Mark just get finished doing?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Taking a shower.
Sleeping with Addison.
Performing surgery.

12 of 16What's the name of the Grey's spin off that Ben stars in?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Station 19
Private Practice

13 of 16Who did Mark get pregnant?

"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC

14 of 16What is Jackson doing in this scene?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
At the Alex and Jo's wedding.
On his honeymoon with April.
Lounging on his yacht with the guys.

15 of 16How many days was the no-sex contract Mark made with Addison?

"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC
120 days
60 days
90 days

16 of 16What's going on outside of the ambulance?

"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC
A hail storm
A snow storm
A wind storm
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