Rapid-Fire Grey's Quiz: Guest Stars Edition! Can You Get 100%?

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There have been some unforgettable guest stars on Grey's, how many do you remember?

How well do you REALLY remember the guest stars on Grey's Anatomy? Take this quiz to find out if you're a Grey's Anatomy expert!

 Apr 26, 2019

1 of 18Why does Elisabeth Moss appear on Grey's?

elisabeth moss grey's anatomy guest star
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Her mother is in need of a risky surgery
She's Alex's ex-girlfriend from college
She needs an emergency heart transplant

2 of 18Who does Millie Bobbie Brown guest star as?

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC

3 of 18What's wrong with Demi Lovato?

demi lovato on grey's anatomy as a guest star patient holding a syringe
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
She's having pregnancy complications
She had a gastric bypass in a foreign country
She's showing signs of schizophrenia

4 of 18What is Mandy Moore's fate on Grey's?

grey's anatomy mandy moore guest star patient in hospital bed with bailey
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
She leaves Seattle for treatment at another hospital
She winds up in a coma and husband takes her off of life support
She's treated with chemo and fully recovers

5 of 18Who does Sarah Paulson play?

sarah paulson playing ellis grey on grey's anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via ABC

6 of 18Which doctor married Scott Foley?

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Grey's Anatomy on ABC

7 of 18Who did Doris Roberts leave her estate to?

doris roberts guest starring as a patient on grey's anatomy
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8 of 18Who did Michael O'Neill shoot?

michael o'neill holding up gun on grey's anatomy as guest star
Grey's Anatomy via ABC

9 of 18Why was Caroline Clay admitted to the hospital?

Meredith Grey listening on stethoscope to Cece in hospital bed, Grey's Anatomy season 15
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
She fell off of her bike
She lost consciousness while driving a car
She fainted at her daughter's wedding

10 of 18Keke Palmer tried to get on __________ trial, but she was too old.

keke palmer grey's anatomy guest star
Grey's Anatomy via ABC

11 of 18Whose mother did Tsai Chin play?

cristina yang mom
Grey's Anatomy via ABC

12 of 18Christina Ricci portrays a(n) ___________.

christina ricci grey's anatomy guest star
Grey's Anatomy via ABC

13 of 18What is Geena Davis' surgical specialty?

nicole herman on grey's anatomy season 11
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Fetal surgery
Plastic surgery

14 of 18Hector Elizondo plays the father of which doctor?

hector callie torres dad grey's anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via ABC

15 of 18Dylan Minnette is a patient who was born without __________.

dylan minnette guest star grey's anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via ABC

16 of 18Melissa George was __________ friend before she got a job at the hospital.

Sadie Harris Grey's Anatomy, quiz intern
Grey's Anatomy via ABC

17 of 18Why was Constance Zimmer brought to the hospital?

constance zimmer grey's anatomy guest star
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
To bring Derek back to Washington, D.C. with her
To act as a consultant after the plane crash
To run for the open Chief of Surgery position

18 of 18Mary McDonnell portrays a doctor with __________.

mary mcdonnell grey's anatomy guest star
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
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