Quiz: Which Season Of Grey’s Anatomy Does Your Love Life Resemble Most?


Hopefully it's not like season one, and you didn't find out your boyfriend is married!

A quiz about the personal love life of the viewer, designed to match them up to the love situations throughout various seasons of Grey's Anatomy.

 May 23, 2017
1 of 10Pick an answer!
What is your ideal spot for a date?
At home with movies and wine
Somewhere casual and not too serious
A fancy restaurant
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How quickly do you jump into a relationship?
At an average pace-- you don't jump in, but you are not too cautious
Pretty quickly-- you don't hesitate to jump right in
Very slowly-- you are sure to assess all aspects of it
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How do you feel about romantic movies?
You are indifferent to them
You love them
You cannot stand them
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How do you feel about first impressions?
They are completely irrelevant to you
They are very important to you, and can make or break a person
They usually don't matter, people deserve a second chance
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What is your favorite time of day?
The evening
The morning
The afternoon
6 of 10Pick an answer!
How many steady relationships have you held?
1 or none
Just a few
7 of 10Pick an answer!
Which do you value most in a relationship?
8 of 10Pick an answer!
How important to you is it to have a partner with steady finances?
Not important
Very important
Somewhat important
9 of 10Pick an answer!
What do/did you and your significant other like to do on holidays?
Travel somewhere new together
Split up to be with your families
Spend them at home together
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When looking for a partner, which quality do you look at first?
Social status
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