Quiz: We Can Guess How Addicted To Grey's Anatomy You Are By 15 Questions

Are you addicted to Grey's like Derek is addicted to Meredith? Go ahead and take this quiz to find out!

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 Dec 12, 2017
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Question: 1/15Pick the correct answer!

What happened to Arizona due to the plane crash?
She had brain damage
She went into a coma
She lost a leg

Question: 2/15Pick the correct answer!

Who does Meredith name her son child after?

Question: 3/15Pick the correct answer!

Who is Jackson's surgical mentor?

Question: 4/15Pick the correct answer!

What nickname did the interns call Dr. Bailey?
The Scalpel
The General
The Nazi

Question: 5/15Pick the correct answer!

Who is the father of Callie and Arizona's baby?

Question: 6/15Pick the correct answer!

How did Lexie die?
a plane crash
a heart attack

Question: 7/15Pick the correct answer!

Which award was Cristina nominated for?
The Nobel Prize
The Pulitzer Prize
The Harper Avery Award

Question: 8/15Pick the correct answer!

Who heavily George's decision to enlist in the army?

Question: 9/15Pick the correct answer!

What is Amelia's surgical specialty?
Cardiothoracic surgery
Pediatric surgery

Question: 10/15Pick the correct answer!

Which is NOT a nickname given to Meredith?
The Slutty Intern
Nurse Mary

Question: 11/15Pick the correct answer!

How many sisters has Meredith been surprised with?

Question: 12/15Pick the correct answer!

What disease is Adele diagnosed with?
Heart disease
Stomach cancer

Question: 13/15Pick the correct answer!

Who did Addison cheat on Derek with?

Question: 14/15Pick the correct answer!

How did Teddy help her patient, Henry, get the surgery he needed?
By performing the surgery on him pro bono
By purchasing a health insurance plan for him
By marrying him to put him under her insurance

Question: 15/15Pick the correct answer!

Which Grey's character jumped in front of a bus to save a woman's life?
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