Quiz: Sorry, Only TRUE Grey's Fans Will Remember These 15 Moments. Do You?

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Do you remember these unforgettable moments?

How well do you think you really remember fifteen of the most important moments on Grey's? Take this quiz to find out!

 Oct 17, 2017

1 of 15Why is Meredith so distraught in this moment?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
She is unable to save her patient from the ferry boat accident.
She just learned that Lexie died in the plane crash.
Doc, her dog, ran away.

2 of 15Why is April in quarantine in this scene?

She contracted a bad case of malaria.
She is pregnant.
She broke out in a mysterious rash.

3 of 15What is occurring in this moment?

Derek finds Meredith buried in a pile of snow.
Derek pulls Meredith from a burning car.
Derek rescues Meredith from drowning.

4 of 15Determine what is happening in this moment.

Gary Clark is shooting Derek.
Gary Clark is waving an unloaded gun around.
Gary Clark is at a gun range.

5 of 15What is happening in this moment?

Callie is attending Derek and Meredith's wedding.
Callie is marrying Mark.
Callie and Arizona are getting married.

6 of 15What is going on in the moment of Grey's?

George is helping Bailey give birth.
George is trying to kill Bailey.
Bailey is trying to kill George.

7 of 15What is happening in the moment?

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via ABC
Izzie is lying next to Denny after he passed away.
Izzie is comforting Denny as he naps.
Denny is confessing his love of Izzie.

8 of 15What is going on in this moment?

Cristina is helping Meredith get ready for her wedding.
Cristina is waiting to meet a man she has been arranged to marry.
Meredith is comforting Cristina before she is supposed to marry Burke.

9 of 15What is happening in this moment of Grey's Anatomy?

Webber is passed out drunk on the floor of the hospital.
Webber had a heart attack in his office.
Webber has been electrocuted.

10 of 15Determine what is happening in this moment.

Cristina Yang, grey's anatomy, grey's hero
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Cristina has arrived to her new office in Switzerland.
Cristina is being appointed chief of surgery at Grey Sloan.
Cristina is about to fire an intern.

11 of 15What is going on in this moment of Grey's?

Derek and Meredith wake up together after a night at the bar.
Derek is passed out drunk in the hospital.
Derek fell and broke his leg.

12 of 15What is happening in this moment.

A patient is found badly beaten outside the hospital.
A patient is badly burned from a fire.
George is trying to communicated "007" to Meredith.

13 of 15Determine what is going on in this moment.

Matt is asking April to teach him how to perform surgery.
Matt is proposing to April.
Matt is tying April's shoe.

14 of 15What is occurring in this moment of Grey's?

Ellis Grey is resting before she must perform a surgery.
Ellis Grey is brought into the hospital as a patient for surgery.
Ellis Grey is pretending to be sick so she can see Webber at the hospital.

15 of 15What is happening in this moment?

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Mark's daughter is seeking treatment from Addison for her pregnancy.
Mark's daughter showed up to the hospital to find her mother.
Mark's daughter is applying for a job at the hospital.
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