Quiz: Only A True Local Can Pass This Grand Rapids Slang Test. Can You?


Do you think you know what it's like to live under the bridge?

A quiz about the slang words used by the residents of Grand Rapids. Includes terms like, "pop", "buggy" and others.

 Jul 26, 2017
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What do people mean when they say "rapids"?
The lake
The city of Grand Rapids itself
Rushing water
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What does "mitten" refer to?
Something to keep your hand warm
Something you use to take hot food out of the oven
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What is a "bear" in Grand Rapids?
Animals that may be found in your backyard
An animal that people hunt
Animal that hides in the forest
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What is "pop"?
A style of music
A sound
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What do people mean when they say "handy map"?
The roadmap in your glove box
The map on your iPhone
Using your hand to show directions in Michigan
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What do you call a grocery cart at the store?
A cart
A trolley
A buggy
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What is a "yooper"?
A type of fish
Someone who lives in the U.P. of Michigan
Someone who rides a bike
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If someone from Grand Rapids is "going to the beach," where are they really going?
The Pacific Coast
The shore of Lake Michigan
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What do people mean when they say "crack"?
An actual crack on an object
Fries from HopCat
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What are people called who live in Grand Rapids and other Lower Peninsula cities?
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What is the nickname for Grand Rapids?
The Flower City
Beer City USA
The City of Angels
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What does "U.P." stand for?
Upper Park
Upper Peninsula
Uptown Park
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Harmony makes what in Grand Rapids?
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What do locals call Grand Rapids?
Grand Rue
Gun Rapids
Gun Rue
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What is camouflage in Grand Rapids?
What you wear while serving in the military
An everyday fashion statment
What you wear while hunting
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