Quiz: Only 6% Of Grey's Fans Can Recognize These Haunting Scenes! Can You?

Do you think you can figure out what's going on in these haunting Grey's scenes? Go ahead and take this quiz to find out!

grey's anatomy
 Jan 20, 2018
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Question: 1/15What happened in this haunting scene?

There was a plane crash.
Meredith was in labor.
There was a forest fire.

Question: 2/15What is happening in this scene?

There is a shooting in the hopital.
Owen is having war flashbacks.
There is an emergency drill.

Question: 3/15What is going on in this scene?

April is recovering from an accident.
April and Jackson's baby is dying.
April is dying.

Question: 4/15What is happening in this haunting scene?

Izzie and Denny are taking a nap
Denny refused ot go to the hospital prom with Izzie.
Izzie is laying with Denny's corpse.

Question: 5/15What's happening in this scene?

Burke is proposing to Cristina
Burke and Cristina are going to Alex and Izzie's wedding.
Burke is leaving Cristina at the altar.

Question: 6/15What happened in this scene?

grey's anatomy
Derek was shot by Gary Clark.
Derek had a mental breakdown.
Derek fainted.

Question: 7/15What is happening in this scene?

Izzie is comforting a dying patient.
George is writing "007" in Meredith's hand.
Derek and Meredith are holding hands.

Question: 8/15What is happening in this haunting scene?

Lexie is rescuing a patient.
Lexie is giving birth.
Lexie is dying.

Question: 9/15What happened in this scene?

Derek was taken to a hospital after a car accident.
Derek is demonstrating a trauma for his students.
Derek was in surgery after the plane crash.

Question: 10/15What is going on in this Grey's scene?

Addison appears unexpectedly in Seattle.
Addison and Derek make plans to grab a drink.
Addison and Derek are discussing details of a patient.

Question: 11/15What is happening in this haunting scene?

Someone throws a grenade through the hospital window.
A bomb goes off in the hospital.
There is a shooting at the hospital.

Question: 12/15What happened in this scene?

Someone broke into Cristina's home and tried ot kill her.
Owen is choking out Cristina during a PTSD episode.
A patient tried to kill Cristina in the hospital.

Question: 13/15What is happening in this Grey's scene?

Derek is saving Meredith from drowning.
Derek is pulling Meredith from a fire.
Derek is rushing Meredith to the hospital because she's in labor.

Question: 14/15What's going on in this haunting Grey's scene?

Callie was assaulted by a stranger.
Callie is involed in a car accident.
Callie is injured in a plane crash.

Question: 15/15What is happening in this haunting scene?

Arizona is having difficulty with her pregnancy.
Arizona is coping with her amputated leg.
Arizona is suffering from cancer.
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