Quiz: Only 3% Of Greys Fans Know What Is Happening In These Scenes! Do You?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Do you remember what happens in the most famous and infamous Grey's scenes?

This quiz includes imagines from scenes throughout Grey's Anatomy, asking the reader to identify what is occurring in the scene.

 Oct 09, 2017

1 of 15Who is outlinging "007" in Meredith's hand?


2 of 15What is happening in this scene?

Gary Clark is about to shoot Derek.
The doctors are having a drill for if a shooter was ever in the hospital.
A patient from the psych ward got loose and is threatening to kill Derek.

3 of 15Why are the doctors in the forest in this scene?

Derek gets lost in the woods on a fishing trip.
The doctors are treating a lost hiker in the woods.
A plane with the doctors on it crashed.

4 of 15What is happening in this scene?

Burke leaves Cristina right before they are supposed to get married.
Burke attends Derek and Meredith's wedding.
Burke and Cristina get married.

5 of 15What is happening to Derek in this scene?

He can't figure out how to get home.
A truck slams into his car.
He sees Meredith with another man.

6 of 15Which doctor suspects he has syphilis in this scene?


7 of 15What mystery is Webber trying to solve in this scene?

Who broke into his office and stole his files.
Why no one has been showing up to work all week.
Who cut Denny's LVAD wire.

8 of 15What is happening in this scene?

Meredith built Derek a house of candles.
Meredith is holding a memorial ceremony.
Meredith and Derek stumble upon a cluster of candles in a field.

9 of 15Why is this woman so upset in this scene?

Her hands are on a bomb.
She is about to go into labor.
Her father is dying on the table

10 of 15What is happening in this scene?

April finds out her mother died.
April's parents don't want her to get married anymore.
Jackson confesses his love for April at her wedding with Matt.

11 of 15Why is Owen choking out Cristina in this scene?

He is having a PTSD episode.
She tried to kill him in his sleep.
He found out she is cheating on him.

12 of 15What is happening in this scene?

Meredith is imagining her life in an alternate universe.
Meredith is cheating on Derek with Alex.
Alex and Meredith run away together.

13 of 15What is going on in this scene?

George is having an argument with Dr. Bailey.
George is helping Dr. Baiey through labor.
George is trying to kill Dr. Bailey.

14 of 15What is Cristina doing in this scene?

Donating an organ.
Having an abortion.
Donating blood.

15 of 15Why is Burke in surgery?

He has been shot.
He had a heart attack
He was involved in a plane accident.
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