Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Most Romantic Scenes in Grey's History?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

There's really just one reason we watch Grey's Anatomy.

Calling all lovers of Grey's Anatomy. Only a true fan can recall each of these super romantic scenes from the show!

 Jul 18, 2020

1 of 17In what season does the famous bathtub scene occur?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Season 6
Answer 2
Season 3
Season 1

2 of 17What monumental event led up to this scene?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
April left Matthew at the aisle for Jackson.
Jackson stole Alex and Jo's wedding to marry April.
April got into an accident and dreamed that she married Jackson.

3 of 17In this scene, Derek is proposing to Meredith in an ______.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
operating room
on-call room

4 of 17Who gives her wedding to Alex and Izzie?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

5 of 17In this scene, Alex proposes to Jo and says he's in her "______".

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

6 of 17Who refused to attend Callie and Arizona's wedding?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Callie's mother
Callie's father

7 of 17What's happening in this scene?

Grey's Anatomy on ABC
Derek build Meredith a house of candles
Meredith's friends surprised her and Derek with a house of candles
Meredith built Derek a house of candles

8 of 17What do Derek and Meredith write on this Post-it?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Their favorite thing about each other
Their wedding vows
Baby names

9 of 17What does Lexie say to Mark in this scene outside the hospital?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
"Teach me"
"I love you"

10 of 17In what season do Mark and Lexie say their final goodbye?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Season 10
Season 8
Season 7

11 of 17In this scene Callie is teaching Arizona to do what?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

12 of 17Who proposed with a flash mob?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

13 of 17Meredith nearly drowned after assisting with a _____ accident.

"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC
Ferry boat
Cruise ship
Fishing boat

14 of 17How much money does Denny leave Izzy in his will?

"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC
2.3 million
6.4 million
8.7 million

15 of 17Owen, "romantically" removed a(n) _____ from Cristina's stomach.

"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC

16 of 17Who is the mother of Owen's child?

"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC

17 of 17Where did Callie and George get married?

"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
Atlantic City
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