Quiz: Can You Name All Of These Grey's Anatomy Celebrity Guest Appearances?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

How well do you know your celebs?

Any real Grey's Anatomy fan will be able to identify these celebrity guest stars, who have made an appearance on the show over the years.

 Apr 13, 2020

1 of 18Who does Demi Lovato play?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

2 of 18What celebrity guest star is this?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Elizabeth Moss
Scarlett Johansson
Blake Lively

3 of 18What is happening in this scene where Liza Weil plays Alison?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Alison is hallucinating her childhood friend, Izzie.
Izzie is treating Alison for a thyroid disorder.
Alison is befriending Izzie, who also has cancer.

4 of 18What is the name of Sarah Paulson's character?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

5 of 18Who does Keke Palmer play?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

6 of 18Why is Constance Zimmer's character introduced to Grey's?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
To save the hospital from bankruptcy.
To perform emergency surgery on Webber.
To mediate Derek and Meredith's marriage.

7 of 18Which character does Mandy Moore play?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

8 of 18What is Christina Ricci's role on Grey's?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
She's a neurosurgeon.
She's a paramedic.
She'a a firefighter.

9 of 18What celebrity guest star is this?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Miley Cyrus
Millie Bobby Brown
Dakota Fanning

10 of 18Kyle Chandler plays ______ in Grey's Anatomy.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Daniel, a fireman
Eric, a police officer
Dylan, a bomb handler

11 of 18Why was Jesse Plemons' character at the hospital?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
He thought he was pregnant.
He was encased in cement.
He needed a brain tumor removed.

12 of 18Which celebrity guest played Trina Paiz?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Jessica Alba
Brenda Song
Jamie Chung

13 of 18Who did Sarah Chalke's character bring to the hospital?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Her son.
Her sister.
Her mother.

14 of 18What was wrong with Maggie Siff's character?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
She had severe osteoporosis.
She couldn't conceive.
She was having delusions and hallucinations.

15 of 18What was the diagnosis of Laurie Metcalf's character, Beatrice?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Terminal cancer

16 of 18Name this celebrity guest.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Jeff Perry
Scott Foley
Hector Elizondo

17 of 18What happened to Ken Marino's character, Brad Ackles?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
He was shot and killed upon leaving the hospital.
His family was killed while he was in surgery.
He was killed by a bomb in his car.

18 of 18What celebrity guest star is pictured?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Heather Matarazzo
Bellamy Young
Mae Whitman
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