Quiz: Can You Guess Why Meredith Grey Is Crying In All 13 of These Scenes?


Meredith is only famous for breaking our hearts with the water works!

A quiz about Meredith Grey's many emotional breakdowns when she begins to cry, including pictures of the incidents.

 May 20, 2017
1 of 13Why is Meredith crying?
She got into an argument with Amelia about Derek's death.
Cristina ignored her in the hallway.
She thinks Dr. Bailey hates her.
2 of 13Why is Meredith crying?
Derek hasn't answered any of her calls.
She lost her bracelet.
There was a plane crash.
3 of 13Why is Meredith crying?
She is afraid she might get fired.
Her patient slipped into a coma.
Hating Derek is very exhausting.
4 of 13Why is Meredith crying?
Her dog hasn't been eating.
She got a flat tire on the way to the hospital.
She confesses to Derek that she doesn't even understand herself.
5 of 13Why is Meredith crying?
She cannot seem to find Zola anywhere.
She was attacked by a patient.
She was shot.
6 of 13Why is Meredith crying?
Her patient might not make it through the night.
She did not get promoted to Chief Resident.
Derek is dying.
7 of 13Why is Meredith crying?
She is too tired to go back to work.
She had sex with George.
She can't find her favorite scrub cap.
8 of 13Why is Meredith crying?
She was in a train accident.
She gave birth to Bailey.
She woke up confused in the hospital.
9 of 13Why is Meredith crying?
She got in trouble with Chief Webber.
George passed away.
The hospital closed down.
10 of 13Why is Meredith crying?
Derek was shot.
Izzie stole her patient.
Zola fell fatally ill.
11 of 13Why is Meredith crying?
She wasn't assigned to any good surgeries.
Cristina has befriended someone else.
Her hand was on a bomb.
12 of 13Why is Meredith crying?
The door to the on-call room is locked.
She walks in on Derek and Addison.
She is scared her mom will die alone.
13 of 13Why is Meredith crying?
The adoption with Zola didn't go through.
Because Callie got pregnant & then got in a car crash.
Derek tells her that they need to take a break.
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