Quiz: Only Grey's Superfans Will Know All Of These Fun Facts About The Show

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Can you make the cut?

If you love Grey's Anatomy, you need to take this quiz on the show's fun facts to determine how big of a fan you really are!

 May 28, 2020

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Jeff Perry played Meredith's father, Thatcher on Grey's. Which other Shondaland show did the actor appear in?
How To Get Away With Murder
The Catch

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Which Grey's actress ranks as the highest paid TV drama actress?
Caterina Scorsone
Jessica Capshaw
Ellen Pompeo

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Where did the show's title come from?
A real medical text book.
Meredith Grey was the name of a surgeon in real life.
A podcast about hospital drama.

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Which actor almost played Derek Shepherd?
Hugh Jackman
Robert Downey Jr.
Rob Lowe

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Scenes featuring the hospital's entrance are shot at a real hospital. Where is this hospital located?
New York
Los Angeles

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A season 14 episode of Grey's is titled "1-800-799-7233". What is the number for?
It's the phone number to the ASPCA.
It's the suicide hotline.
It's the domestic violence hotline.

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Which actress was pregnant in real life, while being pregnant on the show?
Sandra Oh
Sarah Drew
Kim Raver

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Which Grey's nurse is a surgical nurse in real life?

9 of 18True or False:

In order to make the surgeries look real, Grey's uses real cow organs.

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Which Grey's actor/actress opted out of their Emmy nomination?
Sandra Oh
Justin Chambers
Katherine Heigl

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In season 9, celebrity guest star Sarah Chalke appears. Her character's son has a medical condition that her real-life son suffers from. What is the disease called?
Fifth disease
Kawasaki disease
Scarlet fever

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The Grey's cast is creative and multitalented. Which actor/actress has NOT directed an episode of the show?
Chandra Wilson
Eric Dane
Kevin McKidd

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Which character is based on Shonda Rhimes' mother?

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Which Grey's actor/actress has a British accent in real life?
T.R. Knight
Camilla Luddington
Ellen Pompeo

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Before he played Jackson Avery, what was Jesse Williams' profession?
An accountant
A professional soccer player
A history teacher

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Which character was added in after the show's pilot had already been shot?

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Which Grey's couple had a real wedding registry?
Jo and Alex
Derek and Meredith
Owen and Cristina

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Which is NOT a spinoff of Grey's Anatomy?
Private Practice
Station 19
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