Literally Only Diehard Grey's Fans Will Know These Obscure Facts. Do You?

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Just when you thought you knew everything...

How well do you pay attention while watching Grey's Anatomy? Take this quiz to determine if you're a true fan or not!

 May 18, 2020

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Izzie helped pay for medical school by modeling. What was the name of the lingerie company she modeled for?
Soft Stephanie
Amanda's Secret
Bethany Whisper

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On what holiday did Richard and Adele get married?
Valentine's Day

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What part of Callie's past convinced her to go to medical school?
Her work in the Peace Corps.
Watching her father battle cancer as a young girl.
Witnessing her neighbor get gunned down and killed.

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Arizona wasn't shy about her sexuality growing up. What model did she have a poster of in her room?
Cindy Crawford
Leslie Moody
Candy Burns

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During Bailey's intern year, her first surgery was a(n) ______.
coronary artery bypass

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Before Bailey, who does Webber initially give the Chief Resident position to?

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What hospital was Alex taken to for surgery after he was shot at Seattle Grace Mercy West?
Seattle Pres
Southern Seattle

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Alex's rich patient, Gladys Pulcher was suffering from ______ cancer.

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Why did Meredith kick Alex out of her house?
Alex told Hunt that he saw Meredith tamper with the Alzheimer's trial.
Alex broke Meredith's bathroom door down while fighting with Izzie.
Alex was scaring Meredith's children.

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After their plane crashed, Cristina was frantically looking for something. What was it?
Her cellphone
Her hair tie
Her shoe

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Cristina and Owen were brought closer together when they both got food poisoning. What kind of food were they eating?

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When Carina returned to Seattle from her trip to Italy, who did she bring with her?
Her mother
Her father
Her son

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When Amelia and Dr. Herman first met, they discovered ______ was a mutual friend.

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What was Link's first case at Grey Sloan?
A man who got his arm stuck in an elevator.
A girl with a bike attached to her after being hit by a car.
A girl who had fallen three floors from a hotel balcony.

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After Heather dies, whose house did the interns stay at and study?
Arizona's house
Alex's house
Maggie's house

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What hospital was Derek Shepherd treated in after his fatal accident?
Mercy West Hospital
Dillard Medical Center
Mayo Clinic

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Where did Owen ask Richard to make him the director of the residency program?
At Richard's birthday party.
At Mark's funeral.
At Owen and Amelia's wedding.

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Addison gave Mark this ultimatum: If he could go ______ days without sleeping with anyone else, she would consider dating him.
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