Quiz: Only Diehard Grey's Fans Can Remember These Episode Names. Can You?

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You might think you know everything about Grey's... until now!

Only a true Grey's Anatomy fan can identify each of these episodes by name. Give it your best shot, you might be surprised at the results!

 May 30, 2020

1 of 18Which episode is described here?

Just when Derek and Meredith appear to be happily settled, Derek is involved in a fatal car accident. This is the episode in which we see Derek Shepard alive one last time.
State of Love and Trust
How to Save a Life
Do You Know?

2 of 18Which Grey's Anatomy episode is described below?

In this shocking episode, Lexie, Meredith, Mark, Arizona, Derek and Cristina are involved in a tragic plane crash. Shortly after Mark confesses his love to Lexie, she takes her final breaths.
Good Mourning
The Becoming

3 of 18Which Grey's episode is this?

This is the episode in which Cristina and Burke are finally about to get married. However, things take a turn when Burke leaves her at the altar.
Something to Talk About
Didn’t We Almost Have It All?
The Other Side of This Life

4 of 18Which episode is described below?

Just when Meredith and Derek seem to be getting serious, Derek's wife Addison comes into the picture. And she's not just any wife, she's a world-renowned neonatal surgeon. This episode marks one of Grey's Anatomy's first major plot twists.
Who’s Zooming Who?
Time Has Come Today
Walk on Water

5 of 18Which Grey's episode is described?

A brand new character is introduced in this episode. His name is Owen Hunt, and his first real surgical task was saving Cristina's life.
As We Know It
Dream a Little Dream of Me

6 of 18Which Grey's Anatomy episode is this?

In this episode, Derek and Meredith finally get married. However, it's not your traditional wedding. The pair get married via Post-it note, and we wouldn't have it any other way.
Happily Ever After
Elevator Love Letter
I do

7 of 18What Grey's episode is this?

In this episode, Meredith has a one-night night with a hot guy she met at a bar. However, the next day she finds out he's actually her boss at her new job. Meredith also meets the rest of her intern group at Seattle Grace, in addition to a few other interesting characters.
Make Me Lose Control
Shake Your Groove Thing
A Hard Day’s Night

8 of 18Which Grey's Anatomy episode is this?

In this high drama episode, a patient arrives at Seattle Grace with a bomb in his chest. The focus isn't on how it got in there, but how the doctor's are now going to get it out. Of course, Meredith steps up to the plate and winds up with her hand in his chest in order to keep it from detonating.
It’s the End of the World
I Will Survive
Kung Fu Fighting

9 of 18What episode is described here?

A lot went down in this episode. Most importantly, Denny asks Izzie to marry her and she accepts. However, Izzie admits to being the one who cut his LVAD wire before he dies unexpectedly from a stroke.
All You Need is Love
Losing My Religion

10 of 18Which Grey's Anatomy episode is described?

This episode follows Meredith's intense recovery after being attacked by a patient who turned violent due to post-seizure hyper-aggression.
Hard Bargain
Bad Blood
The Sound of Silence

11 of 18Which Grey's episode is this?

In this episode, our beloved George tragically gets hit by a bus and eventually dies. To make matters worse, Derek must break the news to Izzie that she has a debilitating brain tumor.
White Wedding
Now or Never

12 of 18Which episode is described?

This is one of the most iconic Grey's Anatomy episodes. In it, George performs open heart surgery in an elevator. Plus, Meredith gives her famous "Pick me. Choose me. Love Me" speech.
These Arms of Mine
Here's to Future Days
Bring the Pain

13 of 18Which episode is this?

When a ferry boat accident resulted in mass casualties, the doctors had to get out into the field to help. While each character has their own fascinating cases, Meredith bonds with a little girl. However, the real kicker is when Derek saves her from nearly drowning.
Two Against One
Walk on Water
Be Still, My Soul

14 of 18Which Grey's episode is this?

This episode detailed a surprising fate for Alex and his old flame Izzie. The two reunite to raise their twins, something they always planned to do before Izzie got cancer.
Leave a Light On
Ring of Fire
Civil War

15 of 18Which Grey's episode is described?

This episode is delivered in the form of a musical, which is hard to beat. Featuring Sara Ramirez's beautiful singing abilities, we begin to wonder if there's anything this cast can't do. As Callie fights for her life, we're happy to learn we won't be losing her this time around.
All of Me
Song Beneath the Song
True Colors

16 of 18Which episode of Grey's is described here?

In this episode, Derek and Meredith finally gain custody of their adopted daughter Zola, but the celebratory mood is cut short when Alex reveals that Meredith was tampering with Derek's important medical trial.
A Trial (for One)
I Can Explain
Unaccompanied Minor

17 of 18Which episode of Grey's is described here?

In this bittersweet episode, Cristina says goodbye as she leaves to take a new position in Zurich. Her and Meredith even have one last dance party before they part ways. As if the episode couldn't get more traumatic, a bomb exploded at the nearby mall, bringing an influx of patients to the hospital.
A Diagnosis
Sing it Again
Fear (of the Unknown)

18 of 18Which episode of Grey's is described here?

This episode follows a huge electrical storm, Meredith's labor and c-section, the revelation of Arizona's affair, and Chief Webber's own electrocution. What a drama-packed episode!
Rain, Rain, Everywhere
Perfect Storm
When it Rains, it Pours
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