Are These the Worst Sequels Ever Made? Rank Them For Us.

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Grease 2 via Paramount Pictures

Calling all movie lovers (and critics)! If you love movies, you're probably quick to jump into this debate: can the sequel ever be better than the original? Of course, every case is different. But more often than not, the original movie outshines the sequel. Sometimes however, the sequel doesn't even come close in comparison!

Some movie sequels might even go far enough to ruin the original for fans. Are there any movie sequels you absolutely cannot stand? Let us know by voting for the worst sequels ever made here!

The Next Karate Kid (1994)

The Next Karate Kid via Columbia Pictures

The Next Karate Kid is the fourth installment of the series. Karate master Mr. Miyagi (Noriyuki "Pat" Morita) goes to Boston to attend a military reunion. There, Julie (Hilary Swank) surprises him with her knowledge of karate, so he takes her to a Buddhist monastery for training and to help her come to terms with her angst. It doesn't quite have the same spark as it's predecessors.

Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977)

Exorcist II: The Heretic via Warner Bros.

While seemingly in recovery from demonic possession, Regan (Linda Blair) is put under scientific testing and hypnotized in an effort to find out more about what happened to both her and Father Merrin (Max von Sydow) one fateful night. Many it to be one of the worst movies ever made, not just one of the worst sequels.

Grease 2 (1982)

Grease 2 via Paramount Pictures

Stephanie Zinone (Michelle Pfeiffer) is tired of her relationship with top T-Bird Johnny Nogerelli (Adrian Zmed), so she breaks up with him and quickly catches the eye of English exchange student Michael Carrington (Maxwell Caulfield). Although the sequel isn't terrible, it doesn't even come close to comparison. Grease is one of those iconic films that should have just been left alone.

Caddyshack II (1988)

Caddyshack II via Warner Bros.

Jack Hartounian (Jackie Mason), a boorish but good-hearted real estate tycoon, applies for membership at a snooty country club, but is blackballed by the old-money WASPs, led by Chandler Young (Robert Stack). He seeks revenge, which is where post of the film's plot unfolds. Caddyshack was a a star-studded 1980 film that's often considered a classic, so the sequel just didn't seem to do it justice.

Jaws 3-D (1983)

Jaws 3-D via Universal Pictures

After a young great white shark finds its way into a sea-themed park managed by Calvin Bouchard (Louis Gossett Jr.), workers try to capture it. But the facility's attempt to keep the shark in captivity has dire consequences. Critics have stated that it's too cheesy and takes away from the excitement and success of the original.

Blues Brothers 2000 (1998)

Blues Brothers 2000 via Universal Pictures

In this sequel to the original Blues Brothers comedy/musical, Ellwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd) battles the Chicago police, sings and dances his way out of numerous sticky situations, and manages to get the old band on the road for a hair-raising adventure. It was made almost 20 years since the original had been released, and many say it should have never come into fruition.

Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers (1995)

Halloween via Universal Pictures

This installment marks the return of the seemingly indestructible masked murderer Michael Myers (George P. Wilbur), who is targeting Tommy Doyle (Paul Stephen Rudd), a young man tied into the legacy of the killer and his connections with the Strode family. Many Halloween fans say that the original film was thrilling, and this sequel was simply underwhelming.