Who Will Make You Cry the Hardest in This Is Us, Season 3?

This is us jack and rebecca pearson sitting on couch
This Is Us via NBC

With the third season of NBC's This Is Us finally here, we know exactly what we're in for. There will definitely be lots of tears this season, which is no surprise to fans. Following the Pearson family though several periods of time in This Is Us has had an emotional pull on us.

The "Big Three" are a strong group, especially since losing their father when they were only 17. The series is heartwarming and a true pleasure to follow through with.

But like we said-- there will be tears. Who do you think will be the real heartbreaker of them all? We've put together a list of the series' main characters of This Is Us for you. Go ahead and rank them how you see fit!

Rebecca Pearson

This Is Us via NBC

Rebecca Pearson is the widowed wife of Jack Pearson.

Randall Pearson

This Is Us via NBC

Randall Pearson is working as a Weather Trader in New York, while raising two young daughters with his wife Beth.

Kate Pearson

This Is Us via NBC

Kate Pearson has always struggled with body image issues and eating habits, she even goes as far as to stick Post-It notes around her apartment to remind herself of her dietary actions.

Kevin Pearson

This Is Us via NBC

Kevin Pearson is a successful television actor who finds himself bored with his life as a bachelor.

Beth Pearson

This Is Us via ABC

Beth Pearson is the wife of Randall, who is also raising their two daughters.

Toby Damon

This Is Us via NBC

Toby Damon, Kate's husband, has also struggled with his weight and even suffered from a heart attack.

Miguel Rivas

This Is Us via NBC

Miguel Rivas is Rebecca's husband, as well as best friend to Jack.

Tess Pearson

This Is Us via NBC

Tess Pearson is Randall and Beth's oldest daughter.

Annie Pearson

This Is Us via NBC

Annie Pearson is the youngest Daughter of Beth and Randall.