Where You Should Go On A First Date Based On Your Sign


A first date can either make your break your future with someone. It is important to pick a place and time that is in sync with your Zodiac sign. These unique first date ideas are sure you make both you and your date interested and excited!

1. Aries


An Aries is naturally courageous and confident, so it is no surprise that they love physical challenges. Whether it is a team sport, or an individual challenge, an Aries will always be up for it. An Aries would enjoy a rock climbing date, where the two can either climb real rocks, or find a rock climbing wall. It will be an enjoyable experience for an Aries, and a great ice breaker for a first date!

2. Taurus


A Taurus has a sensitive side for cheesy romance, so finding a way to amuse them on a first date is not a difficult task. Given their love for cooking and music, the perfect first date for a Taurus would be a delicious homemade meal, setting the ambiance with music and candles. A Taurus sees the beauty in even the small things, so they would appreciate this over an expensive outing any time.

3. Gemini


Given the curious nature of a Gemini, they enjoy going on adventures, even local ones. A Gemini strongly dislikes repetition and routine, so a first date would have to be exciting to win their heart. A Gemini would love exploring an abandoned warehouse, an old train station, or even sneaking into a football stadium at night. Either way, they would love something to give them that rush!

4. Cancer


A Cancer is full of emotions and has a very strong imagination. For this reason, they must be fascinated by something to allow it to capture their interest. A perfect first date for a Cancer would be a trip to a local art gallery. They will have a great time appreciating the art, but will especially appreciate the thoughtfulness put into the date by the other person.

5. Leo


A Leo appreciates a lavish lifestyle, and enjoys the finer things in life. A date with a Leo will not be a cheap one-- especially a first date. The perfect first date for a Leo would be to a classic theatre performance, paired with an expensive bottle of wine over dinner. A Leo is also very selfless and genuine, so their company would be enough to compensate.

6. Virgo


A Virgo is very in touch with nature, and has a sensitive side. They love animals, healthy eating, and beautiful landscapes. A Virgo would appreciate a first date to be one outside. In particular, they would enjoy a picnic near the woods or even a small garden. The picnic should include lots of fruits and vegetables, and even some light music playing.

7. Libra


A Libra is often called a hopeless romantic, so it should not be hard to please them on a first date with cheesy romance. They love sad love stories, and live for Nicholas Sparks books. A great first date for a Libra would be trip to a drive-in movie theater. A Libra would feel as if they were a part of a classic romance novel, giving the other person major bonus points for the creativity.

8. Scorpio


A Scorpio is known for their magnetic and brave qualities. It is no surprise that some of their favorite things include spicy foods and underground music. The way to keep them interested tends to be with music or food. A great first date to take a Scorpio on would be an underground concert to see one of their favorite musicians.

9. Sagittarius


A Sagittarius is generous and idealistic. They are also known for their great sense of humor. The way into a Sagittarius' heart is to make them laugh and smile. Therefore, they would really enjoy a first date to see the latest comedy film, or even tickets to see a popular stand-up comedian.

10. Capricorn


A Capricorn is fearless and always willing to try something exciting. They enjoy exclusive clubs, so getting a Capricorn into an exclusive club that they have never been to is sure to keep them interested. However, a Capricorn is also very responsible and disciplined, so their date would have to be mindful of picking them up on time.

11. Aquarius


An Aquarius loves social settings, and having a good conversation. You will never be bored when talking to an Aquarius, because they are very insightful and known to be great listeners. A perfect first date to take an Aquarius on would be to a party. Whether it's a reunion with some friends from college, or an office party, an Aquarius would have their chance to shine with so many opportunities for conversations. However, don't let the Aquarius get too chatty-- they're there for you!

12. Pisces


A Pisces has a great appreciation for music, romance, and aquatics. Water is the element of Pisces, so it is not surprising that they thrive most near large bodies of water. A perfect first date for a Pisces would be a trip to the beach. To spice it up, adding some romantic music and maybe even a bottle of wine will surely make it an enjoyable day or night.