What Kind of Sign Are You? Earth, Wind, Water, or Fire?


Which element does your sign belong to, and what does that reveal about you?

1. Aries


As an Aries, your element is fire. This element is unique in the sense that it is the only one that shines. This trait can be seen through your strengths, and even your weaknesses. A fire sign possesses the ability to outshine members of all other elements.

2. Taurus


As a Taurus, your element is Earth. Earth is the basis of all elements, meaning that you can be versatile and adapt very easily to many different situations. You possess a small piece of each element, along with their strengths.

3. Gemini


As a Gemini, your element is air. Although it is invisible, air is the hidden connection between all of the elements. This means you have the ability to unite all interesting types of forces.

4. Cancer


As a Cancer, your element is water. Water is constantly moving, just like the members of it's element. Those who are water signs are restless and always eager to learn new things and take on new challenges.

5. Leo


As a fire element, a Leo is a source of light. Any room that you step into immediately feels your illuminating presence. You also shine with positivity and optimism in social settings, which others tend to feel and are drawn to.

6. Virgo


As a Virgo, your element is Earth. This element can be still and unmovable, which is often how you feel in negative situations in your life. However, the practical mind of the Virgo allows them to easily maneuver through these difficult times, and find themselves coming out of them stronger than ever.

7. Libra


As a Libra, you are an air element. Given the distance of the air from the Earth, you possess the unique ability to lift yourself high up among members of the other elements. You especially use this skill to release yourself from lesser situations that refuse to satisfy you.

8. Scorpio


As a Scorpio, your element is water. You are able to maneuver through life with a slow and steady pace, that allows you to keep a clear head. The steady and swirling movement of water inside you is what helps you stay stable and balanced.

9. Sagittarius


As a Sagittarius, your element is fire. You can most easily identify with the sun, the largest fire that is in your plane. The sun provides light and energy, something you feel that you are able to provide through your radiant mind and personality.

10. Capricorn


As a Capricorn, your element is Earth. You are very easily grounded, and find it easy to keep in touch with reality. You also have a very strong connection to your roots, and will defend the grounds you came from at all costs.

11. Aquarius


As an Aquarius, your element is air. Air fuels fire, and you often find that you are the provider of energy in many aspects of your life. Air allows your lungs to widen, opening up your soul to explore the freedom you are destined to find.

12. Pisces


As a Pisces, your element is water. Its slow and steady movement holds many of the mysteries you often find yourself looking to solve. Its ability to take the shape of any container demonstrates your open-mind and willingness to try new things.