What Happened to Izzie Stevens on Grey's Anatomy? | 2018


Is Izzie Stevens really gone for good?

What Happened to Izzie Stevens on Grey's Anatomy?


Since the first day the interns arrived at Seattle Grace, we've loved Izzie Stevens' (Katherine Heigl) fun personality and dedication to her work in Grey's Anatomy. It's hard to say if anyone really loved Izzie more than Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) did, though. For this reason, we sometimes forget, so what happened to Izzie Stevens on Grey's?

Izzie's hard work and determination to succeed inspired us all. As someone who grey up with little money or support, Izzie was forced to come up with funds on her own to put herself through medical school. It's difficult not to admire Izzie's positive influence she had on the hospital. So, how did her time on Grey's end? And will Heigl ever return?

What Happened To Izzie On Grey's Anatomy When She Left?


Izzie made quite the dramatic exit from Grey's. During season six, Izzie returned to the hospital in a final effort to win her husband, Alex back. When Alex told Izzie that he was unwilling to fix their marriage, she did not take this lightly. Izzie immediately packed her things and decided it was time to move on.

When Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) saw this, she begged Izzie to stay, claiming that Seattle was her home and she belonged there. Izzie, heartbroken, disagreed and insisted she must start a new life and forget her past.

Fans will agree that Grey's has never been the same since Izzie left, but we will also say the same about losing a character like Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh). It's hard for us to let them go, but we have to wish them the best!

Seattle took a heavy toll on Izzie. Through the death of Denny, a battle with cancer, and a taxing relationship with Alex, we agree that she deserved to find a better life elsewhere.

Why Did Izzie Leave Grey's Anatomy?


Izzie's character ultimately left Grey's Anatomy because actress Katherine Heigl decided to pursue a career in movies. She ended up not finding as much success as she thought she would, and was left at a weird spot in her career. Although fans would love to have Izzie back, there has not been much speculation of her return to Grey's Anatomy. For now, we are able to let her legacy live on and appreciate the time we had with her.

However, the closest thing we got to the return of Izzie was on Grey's Anatomy's 300th episode. Shonda decided to bring in a character that reminded the doctors of Izzie, along with two characters that reminded them of George and Cristina. Although it was not the same, Alex sure did feel some type of connection with the fake Izzie, almost making it feel real to us!

Is Katherine Heigl Returning to Grey's Anatomy in Season 15?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Now, something we're all dying to find out. Will Katherine Heigl come back to Grey's? While we would love to see Izzie return to Grey Sloan at some point, we're not sure it's in the cards for season fifteen.

Heigl has will soon appear on season 8 of Suits, following Meghan Markle's exit from the series. And it looks like her character is one to watch.

"She feels like a woman who has sort of reached that point in her life where she knows who she is, what she wants, and how to go about getting it," Heigl told Entertainment Weekly. "And she's not apologetic at all, which I kind of love."

We're happy about this news. However, we know this means we probably won't see Izzie back on our screens just yet. Until then, only time will tell.


"The day you realize there's not enough time 'cause you want to live forever. Those are the biggest days, the perfect days." - Izzie Stevens

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