The Worst Things To Get In Your Trick Or Treat Bag, Ranked

bowl of halloween candy basket, ranking
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You're never too old for Halloween candy, but some of these candies should have been done with a long time ago. Have you ever looked back on some of your favorite childhood goodies and gagged just thinking about them? It really makes us wonder how some of this candy ever got much business!

We can admit that we've definitely played favorites when it comes to Halloween candy. Everyone remembers picking through their basket leaving the weird candy at the bottom-- and then eventually eating them when you were desperate enough.

Do you remember some of your least favorite Halloween candies? If not, we're sure this list we've made will immediately bring back those painful memories. Go ahead and sort through it, ranking from the worst to the god-awful worst.

Jelly Beans

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Let's be real, jelly beans are great for decoration, but no one actually likes them. They have an odd texture, and you never really know what bizarre flavor you're going to get.


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Eating licorice is pretty comparable to eating rubber! No one wants this candy in their halloween basket.

Tootsie Roll

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No one knows exactly what these things are supposed to be. They taste like a chocolate rip-off but feel like you're chewing wax!


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Smarties are just hard chunks of sugar with a mild variety in flavor.

Candy Corn

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Candy corn is cute and festive, but it definitely doesn't taste too great. All they're really good for is Halloween decorations anyway.

Almond Joy

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It's really hard to get excited about an Almond Joy-- especially if you're a kid. Who doesn't feel slightly disappointed pulling an Almond Joy out of a basket of candy?

Pixy Stix

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Talk about a sugar rush! Pixy Stix are nothing more than a tube of sugar that goes straight to your head.

Dubble Bubble

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So, is it a candy or a chewing gum? Quite frankly, it shouldn't be either. It looks like it won't be that bad, but once you bite into it you realize it is in fact, that bad.

Hot Tamales

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What exactly are these things anyway? Candy is supposed to be sweet or sour, definitely not hot or spicy!

Wax Bottles (Nik-L-Nips)

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Whose idea was it to make a candy out of wax? For some reason, these were sort of amusing as kids. Now they're very hard to understand a purpose for.