10 Shows Like Younger

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Would you give up your 40s to head back to your 20s? Shows like Younger make us laugh and remind us that anything is possible! Check out these 10 shows we've found that are just like Younger!


10 Shows Like Younger

Who doesn't want to be young again? With its hilarious plot and lovable characters, it's hard to find shows like Younger! However, there are some shows out there that teach us how important it is to take every opportunity and seize it. Sitcoms like Teachers and Hot in Cleveland will remind you of Younger, and might be just a bit too relatable! Check out this list of timeless TV series' just like Younger that we've put together for you to watch at home right now!

1. Lopez


Lopez is a sitcom that follows the fictionalized version of George Lopez as he struggles in choosing between his ethnic roots and the world of affluent celebrities.

2. Sex And The City


Carrie Bradshaw and her three friends make their way through New York City's dating scene, keeping a particular eye on mating habits of single New Yorkers.

3. Faking It


Faking it follows a high-school-age cast in a liberal Texas community. The romantic comedy focuses on commentary of sexual orientation, tolerance and acceptance among young people today.

4. Teachers


These elementary school teachers are responsible for shaping the minds of America's youth. This presents a problem however, when their own lives are in total shambles.

5. New Girl


An unlikely and dysfunctional bond is formed when Jess moves in with three guys after making it out of a rough breakup.

6. Unreal


This drama series follows the filming of a reality dating show called 'Everlasting'.

7. Hot In Cleveland


Three LA women find themselves stuck in Cleveland due to some plane trouble. When they realize that they are actually a hot commodity in Cleveland, the women decide it's not such a bad idea to stay.

8. 90210


This series follows a group of privileged high-school grads who face difficulties in the real world of adulthood.

9. Fashion Police


Joan Rivers and her team dissect and basically rip apart our culture's current celebrity fashion triumphs.

10. Below Deck


This reality series features groups of yacht crew members and the drama they drag with them as they work and travel the world.