What's the Scariest Stephen King Book? Vote Now.

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You're going to want to sleep with the lights on tonight, because there's nothing more horrifying than a Stephen King novel. King is known for his terrifying plots and storylines as zombies, demons, and aliens are definitely some things to watch out for.

If you haven't read all of King's books, you might recognize some of the titles that have been made into films. His novels are that good, they're often rendered into blockbuster movies. What are some of your favorites?

We've put together a list of some of the scariest Stephen King books ever written. Just looking through the list makes our stomachs a bit uneasy. Go ahead and sort through it, ranking what you think are the scariest!

Pet Sematary

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This 1983 horror novel follows the Creed family who moves to Maine and stumbles upon a pet cemetery where they bury their dead cat. The cat comes back to life and the family's son dies, turning their world upside down.


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A demon disguised as a killer clown terrorizes a group of kids and returns to their hometown thirty years later.

Under The Dome

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Under the Dome is a science fiction novel that tells the story of a small town that is cut off by the outside world by an invisible barrier dropped from the sky.

The Outsider

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Stephen King's The Outsider follows an unspeakable crime and a confounding investigation.


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This novel tells the story of a time traveller who attempts to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Bag Of Bones

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Bag of Bones follows an author who suffers from writer's block at his lake house, 4 years after the death of his wife.


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Stephen King's electrifying novel, Revival, takes a peek at what might exist on the other side of life.


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In the wake of an apocalypse turning humans into vicious animals, an artist struggles to reunite with his young son.


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Stephen King's horror novel, Desperation, tells the story of a group of travelers who get abducted by a man possessed by an evil being.

The Shining

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The Shining follows a family who temporarily moves to a hotel in the Colorado Rockies. The supernatural forces in the hotel traumatize the family and cause Jack, the father, to go insane.