The Definitive Ranking of Meredith Grey's Best Moments

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We have seen Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) at her worst, but we have also seen her at her best. Meredith has had plenty of moments on Grey's Anatomy that blew our minds. Through the long journey, we have taken with Meredith, some of her best moments truly show us how beautiful she is inside and out.

Meredith has fought her way through rejection, heartbreak, and real physical pain. The way that Meredith has made it past all of these bumps in the road show her true character. So, vote down below on Meredith's best moments on Grey's Anatomy.

  • Meredith Wins The Harper Avery

    Community Score: 14
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    It is the moment we had been waiting for since we began watching Grey's Anatomy. Finally, Meredith's talent would be recognized in the form of the Harper Avery Award. We have seen Meredith face serious hardships within her career and personal life, it was nice to finally see her be honored for her hard work.

  • Meredith And Derek's Post-It Marriage

    Community Score: 13

    This was a beautiful moment for both Derek and Meredith on Grey's, but we give it to Meredith as one of her best moments. After all of the pain and suffering her relationship with Derek has caused her, she chose to look at the bright side and allow herself to be happy. The Post-It made their marriage that much more special.

  • Meredith Surviving Drowning

    Community Score: 12

    Although Derek is really the one who saved Meredith's life, her surviving of almost drowning was a pivotal moment in her development as a character. Meredith was able to reflect deeply on her purpose in life and who she really is. After fully recovering from the incident, Meredith was much stronger than she thought she could ever be.

  • The Bomb Scene

    Community Score: 11
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    Meredith seems to be the only doctor that remain calm while holding an active bomb in her hands. She surgically removes a bomb from a man's body while saving both of their lives. Unfortunately Dylan Young (Kyle Chandler), the man she hands it over to next, is not so lucky. It's safe to say this was a defining moment in Meredith's career.

  • "Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me"

    Community Score: 11
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    After a lot of back-and-forth by Derek, Meredith finally tells him to choose her over Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh). It was a defining moment for Meredith, because she finally demanded what she deserved from Derek. It took a lot of courage out of Meredith to make herself so vulnerable.

  • Meredith Realizes George Is John Doe

    Community Score: 11

    Although this is truly one of the most tragic moments in the history of Grey's, it doubles as one of Meredith's finest. As George O'Malley (T.R. Knight) writes "007" in Meredith's palm with his finger, and suddenly she realizes the dying patient is actually him. It's a completely heartbreaking scene, but without Meredith's attention to detail, we might have never known it was George.

  • Meredith Tells Derek She Was Pregnant

    Community Score: 10

    As Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) is telling Meredith about her possible pregnancy, Meredith reveals how she told Derek she was pregnant for the first time. Meredith gave Zola a shirt that said 'Best Big Sister', revealing to Derek that she was finally pregnant with their child. Everything about this interaction was so wholesome, and it reminded us that Meredith isn't just an amazing doctor, but a wonderful wife and mother too.

  • Meredith High On Painkillers

    Community Score: 8
    Grey's Anatomy on ABC

    Meredith is always on her game when she is at the hospital... except for when she is a patient herself! It was hilarious to see Meredith in the hospital bed high on painkillers. Her fellow doctors got a kick out of it too!

  • Meredith Forgives Her Attacker

    Community Score: 7
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    We will never forget when Meredith was brutally attacked by a delirious patient. She nearly died at the hospital that day and was forced into a long road of recovery. In a heartwarming moment, we see Meredith's attacker apologizing to her in front of his family. It took a great deal of strength within Meredith to accept the apology.

  • Meredith Switches Off Derek's Life Support

    Community Score: 6
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    As one of the saddest moments in Grey's Anatomy history, it's also one of Meredith's best. Meredith hovers over the lifeless body of Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) and makes the decision to take him off life support. Letting Derek go took an incredible amount of strength from Meredith, and we totally commend her for it.

  • Megan Is Alive

    Community Score: -2
    Grey's Anatomy on ABC

    When Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson) discovers Megan Hunt (Abigail Spencer) is alive, he finds himself rejoicing with Meredith Grey. He steps back to apologize when he remembers the relationship he has begun with Meredith. Instead of Meredith getting upset, she reveals how happy she is for him, stating that if it were Derek she would already be gone.

  • Meredith Enters An Alternate Universe

    Community Score: -6
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    In season 8, we get a glimpse of what Meredith believes her life would be like if her mother never had Alzheimer's. The story is told through a dream that Meredith has... everything is totally backwards! Meredith is engaged to Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) and Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) is her worst enemy. It was pretty interesting to see inside of Meredith's dream, but we were happy that she woke up!