Rank Christmas Decorations from Best to Worst, Here!

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It's the most wonderful time of the year-- Christmas decorations are finally going up!

Christmas decorations are more than just enjoyable to look at, they're fun to put up, too! Every year, family and friends come together for the holidays to get their homes in the spirit. What are some of your favorite decorations?

Just like everyone has favorites, everyone also has that one decoration they'd wish their mom stopped forcing them to look at. In that case, it's probably a dusty old family heirloom that she just can't give up on. There's no shame in having a least favorite too!

We've created a list of some of the most popular Christmas decorations you see every year. Go ahead and sort through it, ranking the best and the worst!

  • Ornaments

    Community Score: 21
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    What's a Christmas tree without ornaments! Christmas ornaments may come as beautiful sets or as individual and personalized and you wish.

  • Stockings

    Community Score: 21
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    The biggest rule of Christmas is that everyone in the house has their name on a stocking by the fireplace-- even your pets!

  • Christmas Tree

    Community Score: 20
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    The Christmas tree is the most important decoration-- it holds the entire holiday together. Real or fake, Christmas wouldn't be the same without a tree!

  • Presents

    Community Score: 19
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    You'd be lying if you said Christmas presents weren't one of your favorite decorations. They're even better when they have your name on them!

  • Wreath

    Community Score: 14
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    A Christmas wreath usually hangs on the front door to greet residents and guests with holiday spirit. They're usually decorated festively with bows, flowers, and even lights!

  • Candles

    Community Score: 7
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    Candles really help set the mood for the Christmas tradition. You'll often see them in windows or around the Christmas dinner table.

  • Mistletoe

    Community Score: 6
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    A hanging mistletoe represents the more romantic side of the holidays. Tradition says you have to kiss whoever winds up next to you under it!

  • Gingerbread House

    Community Score: 6
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    Gingerbread houses are fun to make, and even more fun to eat! Decorated with icing and candy, gingerbread houses are a holiday staple.

  • Nativity Scene

    Community Score: 6
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    A nativity scene embodies the true spirit of Christmas. Some people choose to put them in their front yards, while others prefer to have a beautiful set up in their home.

  • Christmas Villages

    Community Score: 0
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    You might have seen your first Christmas village in your crazy aunt's house, or might have your very own by now. Anyone who sets up these miniature Christmas villages can tell you how much work goes into it!