It's Smooth Sailing Ahead With These 25 Paddle Boarding Instagram Captions

person kneeling on paddle board in water surrounded by mountains
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You deserve to unwind.

Best Paddle Boarding Instagram Captions

One of the most treasured summer activities is paddle boarding. It's nothing but you, your board, and maybe your dog. What could be more peaceful than that? Not to mention, it can make for a great workout.

If you were lucky enough to capture that beautiful experience, these paddle boarding Instagram captions are exactly what you need. Whether you're traveling across a serene lake or a salty ocean, nothing beats those views on your board! It's hard to put a photo like that into words, but it doesn't hurt to try.

Anyone who's tried paddle boarding knows it's not easy. It takes lots of practice and balance to get it right! However, once you're mastered the art of riding a paddle board, life will become full of exciting new opportunities. These fun captions will help you share them with your Insta followers.

Funny Paddle Boarding Instagram Captions

  • Let's not talk about how many attempts this photo took.

  • I'm totally not standing up on purpose.

  • Does this paddle make my board look big?

  • Shocked and confused to learn this is harder than it looks.

  • Sorry I couldn't make it. I had a board meeting.

Inspiring Paddle Boarding Instagram Captions

  • Just another day in paradise.

  • Who needs a motor when you've got a paddle?

  • Do whatever floats your board.

  • Let the sea set you free.

  • Life is all about balance.

Exhilarating Paddle Boarding Instagram Captions

  • If you are not obsessed with the life you are living, change it.

  • Paddle boarding is free, a therapist is not.

  • Life is better on the water.

  • If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.

  • Worry less, paddle more.

Top Paddle Boarding Instagram Captions

  • The lake is my happy place.

  • Note to self: relax.

  • All a girl really needs is a board and some sun.

  • Paddle's up.

  • Seek adventure and happiness will follow.

Fun Paddle Boarding Instagram Captions

  • Sup?

  • Paradise is just a paddle away.

  • Don't ask me why I paddle. Ask yourself why you don't.

  • Always up for a good paddling

  • Get onboard with unknown adventures.

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